Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

During passage on the first mission, I found a great big ax, therefore, used the experience to branch Thor – the god improves skill with a two-handed weapon. Very quickly, the opportunity to apply circular strokes, increased damage from critical hits and became available capacity associated with a stun enemies.

One of the latest skills Torah calls falling from heaven mjölnir hammer, causing impressive damage and leaving enemies immobile.

But the “pumping” of the selected branch does not mean that the use of other gear do not allow. Even in the middle of the story campaign, you can give the character a bow, a staff, a one-handed weapon or fresh and not feel weak and defenseless. However, no additional abilities of the hero is not.

So here the player will have to make a decision – either invest all sunglasses gifts in one thing or try to become a master of all trades. The most reasonable – to choose two types of weapons and to restrict, for example, hammers and bows, the more that can be freely switched by pressing a button between them.

The main character, appearance and gender is determined by the player, in the first moment of passage to defend the settlement Ulfung of giants who attacked him.

Foes are quickly defeated, but they have time to cause damage is so serious that the newfound Jarl is necessary to rebuild the settlement in the face of the protagonist. Most of the work for him do other residents – and altars will restore and repair the forge. But it is in a sickly state, which have to deal with the gradual improvement of the situation.

Parallel to start strong frosts – the harbingers of war Jotun with the gods of Asgard. Confront the monsters will, of course, the hero and his clan “Wolves of Midgard.”

Although the storyline is not enough stars in the sky, watch the scene exciting – then Jarl appear unusual allies, that he is trying to lure someone to their side and fails. Some characters even have time to shine, however, let’s be honest, they will be forgotten very quickly.

But the atmosphere of Norse mythology lovers surely will like. In addition unremarkable boars and wild wolves will have to fight with Jotun, Tomte, giant trolls, Ettin, reanimated corpses and other evil spirits.

Bestiary is really huge – at some point deroshsya large toads, and then you find yourself among the soldiers and put them invulnerable magicians, and the next mission, destroying houses Tomte or trying to dodge the stones that you throw in Jotun.

The same can be said about the locations. Player is constantly bombarded with in different areas – it is necessary to save the world, the materials to improve the village to look for.

Here he is in the snow-covered terrain, here – on the sandy banks of the river, here – in a terrible cave or in a swamp. Periodically, temperature or some other factors have on the hero negative phenomenon – if you long to stand in the cold, the character begins to freeze and lose health reserve.

The same thing happens in some caves (where the protagonist begins to fear the spirits of defeated enemies) and poisonous forests. In words, this mechanic seems inappropriate and annoying, but in reality to escape to safe places force is not too long, and the presence of these restrictions makes the approach each battle with the mind.

Fighting in the Vikings with each passing hour becoming interesting. At first they seem dreary: the hero is not only capable of mindlessly waving a sword or an ax, and because of this shred opponents bored to yawn.

The situation becomes noticeably better after receiving the pair of levels, along with which unlocked passive and active skills. “Pump” can be whatever he wants; the only restriction – the number of points available gifts. And they are distributed between the five gods, each of which in one way or another associated with certain types of weapons.