Vikings Wolves of Midgard

It may not be the most popular genre today, but studios like Blizzard or the missing Iron Lore did a lot at the time to dignify it and raise it to towering heights with gems like the Diablo saga for the former and the extraordinary Titan


Quest in the case of the latter, to mention only a couple of examples. That is why he received with such enthusiasm a Vikings: Wolves of Midgard that promised to transfer all that emotion and its addictive mechanics to a context where the mythology of the Vikings has an importance as attractive from the point of view of context as capital in terms of the playable formulas.


For this he uses a recognizable concept, a perspective that is familiar to all of us and a style that, as such, pleases me. Accused of being a mere c


lone of the sanctuary world adventures, this Vikingshe has had to face the skepticism of many fans from the moment of his announcement. The comparisons are always odious, but some video games make it easier t


han others when it comes to distinguishing themselves from them; while others, as in this case, take advantage of these to position references in the minds of fans when they know an IP that begins. In that sense it sounds attractive to me and even logical from a


commercial perspective, however once with the command in hand I need the title to limit its comparisons only for basic purposes and to do everything possible to offer something of its own.


There are few unique things in the Games Farm title , but that is not your biggest problem. Then I’ll tell you what I think about this release that mixes role and action and that can give you enough hours of entertainment glued to the screen if you are able to ignore its asperities.



A furious pack

The Vikings plot concept is simple and, despite the fact that the game gets tangled up in some places, it is easy to follow and understand. It is a story of revenge, that of the Jotun who return to demand justice before the Viking deities and threaten th

e stability of the world. There the Midgard Wolves come into playthat give name to the video game, a pack of warriors that must stop the feet to the hosts of infernal creatures that are turning their universe upside down. Wh
en we started, and after a brief introduction sequence also very brief in terms of their visual strength, we are already directly on the battlefield in fron
t of the first beasts. Little by little we will get to know some brief features of our group, without a doubt the most interesting part of the story, and we will discover that they are a group known for their bloodthirsty nature and that they were about to be erased from the map after their village was destroyed.


Vikings Wolves of Midgard analysis

Vikings is a very traditional action and role game, but it has some curious details related, mainly, to the stage.

Thus the argument has almost no weight and, when it has it, it solves it with manifest inoperativeness, so that the premise is as simple a


s the starting experience itself (although the latter is gaining in depth as we will tell later), and in the end everything is reduced to face the creatures of the Fimbulvetr with our weapons and powers as in any Action-RPG to use. I have nothing to object in this regard, it is exactly what was promised and has been the cornerstone of most works


of this type, and the best thing that often happens in these cases is that you have to adopt different styles depending on the enemy to beat.


Be it the gigantic Jotun, the beasts of Ragnarök or the undead, each of the profiles of adversary requires a series of strategies on our part that end up providing the game a certain variety in combat that helps to mitigate the repetitive results that are the rest of things.


Vikings Wolves of Midgard PC

In essence we must face the creatures of the Fimbulvetr with our weapons and powers as in any Action-RPG

To begin the control is not the finest in the world. With pad the thing is softened, but when it comes to enjoy it on PC with keyboard and mo

use the handling of the character does not just be as accurate as it should and, definitely, it takes some comfort from the direction and dexterity to our future. We can choose to fight between different combinations like we
aponsdual, holding a shield, carrying hammers, a heavy edge, archery … Each has its specialties that end up filling the command of utility for each and every one of the buttons and, as often happens in these cases, the game has enough ability to graduate
very well his presentation so that at no time we feel overwhelmed. Otherwise the experience is conventional in all respects, for good and for
bad, with some successes collected from other titles such as switching between combinations of weapons, but also important blunders as the primary thing that is combat and defense in themselves or how little inspired are the modalities that accompany the campaign:


Vikings Wolves of Midgard

The giants give us some of the best moments of the fighting. More for the spectacular nature of its presence than for its playable possibilities.

We are hero or heroine and we can define the aspect of the protagonist with a few aesthetic standards at the beginning of the game, but


the important thing when choosing comes later when we define how it progresses and what we will describe later. There are four levels of difficulty , but in the middle we find the ideal for a smooth start, although with enough challenges to


be careful while playing. That will be if we do not resort to things like the arc, of course, if we are moderately skilled it allows us to test artificial intelligenceof opponents in ways they almost never manage to overcome. Unfortunately


, many times the game is offering resistance to our actions more by the accumulation of enemies than by skill on the part of the latter, which ends up being effective but not as interesting as it could have been.


The unique touch for action is one of the few ways in which the study has taken advantage of the context presented by Wolves of Midgard. I’m


talking about the weather , of course. As many of the scenarios that are bet on the release have to do with the cold, sometimes we will face the risk of freezing in our walks through the areas. That means we have to be aware of the body heat of our protagonist, and the moment we begin to suffer from freezing, our health w


ill also begin to reduce drastically. This, which seems simple and a fairly basic solution, has interesting projections on how we play and forces us to adopt strategies. Do I try to find another bonfire in this direction or in the other? Do I have time to kill t


he enemies that I have before I die of cold or is it better to delay the fight and try to find fire to warm me up? In a game of action as conventional and basic as this, some details of that kind or those related to the use of the environment to kill are those that take it out of mediocrity.