It is the same lesson that today have given games like Titanfall in the FPS, the Persona saga in the JRPG or Breath of the Wild in the open


world. That lesson that always concludes that the first and most important thing is fun. And Vanquish was, quite simply, a prophet who was called crazy. An obvious game, but not forgotten, that practically was given away in the drawers of second-hand games of any store.


Therefore, the simple fact of leaving on PC is a wonderful opportunity to play this title as it deserves, improving not only technically,


but giving the possibility to select the language , both of voices and of texts in six languages ​​(between which includes Spanish, English and Japanese). But it’s also a great second chance for Vanquish to have recognition as one of the best-designed shooters of the past generation.



Adrenaline to UltraHD

The computer version, unlike that of the recent Bayonetta, is not made by Platinum itself, but by Little Stone Software , responsible for the PC v

ersion of Valkyria Chronicles. It feels even more necessary than that of Bayonetta, as the witch enjoyed about 60 frames per second (more or less stable depending on the platform) and even a resolution of 1080p when i
t was launched on Wii U. Mikami’s work, however, did not It has had the road so paved. Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 version had a resolution even below 720p (1024×720 to be exact) with 2x Antialiasing and a frame rate per second that at some times managed to remain stable at 30 frames and in others had falls at 25 fps or even at 20 fps.


Vanquish analysis

Combining Sam’s slide with bullet time and jumping over coverage is the right way to play Vanquish.

Now, a fairly common PC is able to move the game to 1080p constants and 60 frames per second, but following Bayonetta’s philosophy, both th


high resolutions and the frame rate are completely unlocked . This means that you can not only get to 4K, but go beyond as well as release the rate of images as much as your monitor allows you to natively. With an 8x Antialiasing of type EDGE or FXAA, anisotropic 16xand all the graphic options in high, will not consume 1GB


of video memory in 1080p60. The remaining graphic details that you are missing are simply not implemented because they were not in the original, and this is a port, not a remastering. Only the original font at a lower resolution is somewhat affected by


this facelift. We also miss options for ultra panoramic monitors, for which this game would adapt quite well, but luckily, this and other advantages, such as the field of view, can be activated from the Steam command line.


Vanquish PC

The keyboard and mouse feel like a glove Vanquish’s game style

To make matters worse, the keyboard and mouse feels like a glove to Vanquish’s style of play. Unlike Bayonetta, where although possible, the use of a command is highly recommended, Vanquish’s shooter condition makes the keyboard and mouse con

trol scheme even more accurate to shoot, although you may take a little longer to get used to it. to make all the shocking moves of Sam’s costume. Even so, it is a configuration very well achieved, perhaps except for the detail of the weapons, which are still represented in the form of a cross for the digital pad of command and can lead to confusion.



PC options are quite customizable and, above all, very scalable in terms of resolution and frame rate.

If you did not play at the time, there is no doubt: the Vanquish PC version is absolutely the most recommended


and at the height of what the game already demanded back in 2010. But if you played on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, whose versions were very even (slightly highlighting the PS3 by vertical synchronization and something of better quality in cinematics), it is also worth to enjoy this version for computer, because Vanquish is a title that although it is enjoyed the first time, it



becomes much more the following ones, when you already know the bases and how to execute the movements of Sam and his costume in perfect communion . It is in this domain of the suit and combinations of landslides, jumps in time bullet and w


aits of overload, where the work of Platinum reaches the mastery in these times. A time in which a simple shooter, one of those who flooded the shelves of the last generation, is now the obvious one. The forgotten one.