Vampires at Forgotten Hollow

 sims 4 vampire review


Since the release of The Sims 4 in September 2014, developers had been extremely clear about the constant support they would have given the community in terms of expansions. The  sims 4 vampires expansions can be cataloged in different types: free updates, Stuff Packs, ie the expansions of only objects,


Game Packs that introduce objects, social interactions and a small theme quarter and Expansion Pack that add in addition to all the elements already list new game dynamics. So far we have always faced the last category of expansions, currently three in all, but today for the first time we find ourselves talking about a Game Pack, in this case the one dedicated to vampires, welcomed by players with great happinessand that, compared to the Open-air Tour and Un giorno alla Spa, offers really interesting news and dynamics.

The supernatural we like: the new game pack of The Sims 4 introduces vampires!


Before talking about the vampires (quiet, we get there) mention should be made of the latest free update of the game that has introduced with little delay the babies. We will not explain in detail all the dynamics added to the game with the arrival of babies but two in particular they seem interesting.


The first concerns the same frugoletti, able to improve in 5 different abilities and that will lead after the transition from baby to child to the consolidation of the character of the Sim, because except for the ability to use the potty, which does not affect the Sim, babies can excel in the development of intellectual, motor, social and creative abilities.

Vampires at Forgotten Hollow

The other interesting aspect concerns Sims who can take care of sims 4 vampire baby: not all Sims can in fact take care of a baby and to do so they must be either directly the biological parents of the baby or guardians.


The game defines the latter as assistants in the custody and every Sim dear to the baby can become (or stop being) by selecting in the baby care menu the voice “adopts as needing care”. Confronted the baby issue we finally get to talk about the vampires … starting right from the family.


In the Create a Sim section, you can create a vampire using all the new mode toolsand in addition to clothes with an ancient and gothic taste, many different somatic features have been introduced, so that everyone can create their favorite Sim vamp; we will then have access to different colors of skin, facial features, iridescent eyes and tusks of different sizes.


A vampire also has different character traits and for this three subtypes of aspirations have been added in the categories of knowledge, family and popularity.In the first case our Sim vampire will want to become a powerful and respected undead by climbing the social hierarchy; in the popularity branch we can select the voice “good vampire”, after all no one would like to have a blood sucking friend, while in the family section we will find the desire to create a family of vampires.


Here we should make a small distinction on the term family, more similar to the concept of vampire progeny. With the aspiration “vampire family” in fact our vampire will want to create his personal circle of undead, vampirizing human Sim and then introduce them to the vampire arts; however it is possible that within a couple of lovers, where one of the two is a vampire and the other human,


It is therefore possible that our  sims 4 vampire mod become vampires, are created as such or already born so inheriting the trait from at least one parent … and in case you’re wondering in the last case it is possible to “force” the growth of the adolescent vampire , since vampires do not grow old.


Sims 4 vampires game pack contains a LOT of new content in the Build and Buy Modes. Most, if not all, rooms have something new with this pack. There’s a full bathroom set, new items for the bedroom, new kitchen counters, a full living room set and more! From a builders perspective, this pack offers a lot of versatile options too. When I first saw the promotional material for the pack, I was worried that the new items would be of limited use to me.

Thankfully I was completely wrong! Much like the items we got in Create a Sim, the new items in Build and Buy Mode have a distinct Victorian look to them with a Gothic colouring style of blacks, reds and purples. But there are also many other style options for the items which allow them to be used in a variety of settings outside of this Game Packs style.

Another great thing about the new additions is how effortlessly it mixes in with content added to the game from previous packs we already have. It has allowed me to use content I wouldn’t usually use in my game, for example, content from The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff. That is my most underused Stuff Pack as I found the content too niche and not fitting with other content.



The Sims 4

A vampire
The Sims 4 Vampires Screenshot 01

In the fourth part, vampires appeared in the game with the release of the game set ” The Sims 4: Vampires “.


The main and basic need of vampires is food. Vampires do not eat ordinary human food, but they can, but this will not affect the thirst scale – their diet consists of blood. A vampire character can obtain blood in several ways: bite a regular character and drink his blood or grow a tree with bloody fruits and feed on them. Also, bloody fruits can be bought through a computer. In addition, you can begin to learn vampirism and gain access to blood bags or make them yourself from fish or a frog.

You can bite the character in several ways: ask permission to drink blood, force to allow blood to drink, force to drink for a long time and “stretch the soul”.

  • The first three methods are available to the vampire immediately after the treatment, and the option “Pull the soul out” will be available after activating the “Soul control” ability.
  • The request to drink blood allows an ordinary person to voluntarily substitute a hand to saturate a vampire, the rest of the ways leave a negative mudlet in this character.
  • The ability to stretch the soul is a unique action: when bitten, the vampire character erases and nullifies all relationships bitten with other characters.
  • Not all characters can be bitten in the game: characters who have recently eaten garlic, do not succumb to hypnosis and the vampire will not be able to regale them. It is worth noting that you can not re-bite the character until he “heals” the wounds from the previous bite.


The scale of vampire needs differs from the scale of ordinary characters, even the vampire icon itself is different.

On the vampire scale, there are only 5 needs:

Vampiric energy – it is necessary for the normal existence of a vampire and the use of various supernatural vampiric abilities. Restoring energy can be through meditation and sleep.

Thirst is the need for a vampire to eat. It is satisfied by the blood of people or bloody fruits, as well as packets of blood.

Communication – a vampire character, like a regular sim can not be without communication for a long time, he can make friends with both ordinary characters and similar vampires.

Hygiene – this need is no different from the ordinary needs of the character.

Leisure is another need that is common to everyone, and so that your vampire character does not get bored, then diversify his leisure with various entertainments.

How to become a vampire 

In the game  sims 4 vampire pack, you can create a vampire in the character creation editor or draw a normal character into a vampire (for this, a reversing vampire must have the ability to “create vampires”). The game has 3 life goals associated with vampirism.

Also, vampires are born from vampire parents. There is a chance of a vampire being born if the site where the conception takes place has a feature “On the dark ley line”. Outwardly, to determine from children born in such marriages, supernatural abilities in infancy will not be possible, only when the child grows up to adolescence, you can see if he has the features and abilities of a vampire, but if you go to the character creation editor, then immediately You can see which race the character belongs to.

Dark appearance

The Sims 4 Vampires Preview 01

Dark and ordinary appearance of a  sims 4 vampire.

Like the aliens in The Sims 4: To work! “, Vampires can have the usual appearance and dark appearance, in which they can turn, showing their vampire essence. The player can edit 2 guises at will, giving them a more or less vampire look. Also, a vampire can have one appearance.

  • The dark appearance allows the vampire to show his vampire face and reveals some super abilities, for example, drinking blood and turning other characters into vampires.
  • Characters that have been converted to vampires will have an arbitrary dark appearance created by the game. Characters can change it using a mirror.


 sims 4 vampire powers

Making his vampire abilities, a vampire receives points for which he can acquire additional super abilities with which he can influence other characters, make life easier under daylight, will turn into a bat, gain super speed, and so on. However, with an increase in the vampire’s rank, as opposed to positive super abilities, it will be necessary to choose negative ones, i.e. weakness of a vampire.

Vampiric Abilities

You can nullify the vampire’s abilities with the help of a special drink “Dose of Changes”, which can be prepared on a bar counter.

In total, there are 5 vampire ranks in the game, after reaching each, you can choose more superpowers: An inexperienced vampire, a younger vampire, an experienced vampire, a Vampire Lord and a Grand Master.

Points of abilities are recruited when a vampire does something vampiric, at which point you can watch the bat icon appear above it.

Thanks to the abilities you can create unique vampires. In total, 25 abilities are available in the game and in contrast to 11 weaknesses, however, when pumping a vampire, you can choose only 5 weaknesses.

Abilities and weaknesses 

Vampire, developing his strength in exchange for experience points is able to discover new abilities and weaknesses, the higher the vampirism skill, the more abilities and weaknesses are available. With them, a vampire becomes more powerful, but at the same time, he loses his humanity.

  • Transformation into a bat – as a variant of rapid movement
  • Vampiric power – the physical strength of a vampire surpasses the human at times, a vampire can develop this strength with the help of glasses.
  • Welcome guest – a vampire does not need to knock on the door to enter someone else’s building
  • Vampiric charm is the ability to “charm” characters, to evoke in them a feeling of lust and love with the help of magic. Sim virtually ceases to deny the vampire any love relationship, even if he is barely familiar with it.
  • Without a smell , disabling hygiene.
  • Resistance to garlic is an ability that adds immunity to the smell of garlic.
  • Protection from the sun – the ability to allow a vampire to be without harm in the sun.
  • Supernatural speed – the ability to move at great speed.
  • Suppression of emotions – the vampire receives an infinite neutral mudlet and ceases to experience any feelings.
  • Immortal joy – the need for leisure disappears.
  • The mist appearance is an opportunity to turn into a fog and teleport to another location point.

In addition to abilities, the vampire has initial weaknesses, the number of which increases with the growth of abilities.

  • Intolerance to the sun – the sun’s rays cause burns in the vampire, this weakness can be strengthened.
  • Intolerance to garlic – vampires do not tolerate the smell of garlic, they are not comfortable in a building where garlic hangs, and it can also scare away a vampire with garlic.
  • Uncontrolled hissing – an acquired weakness that makes the vampire snap his teeth at the wrong moment, this automatically worsens the relationship with the characters in the vicinity.
  • Guilty booze – a vampire experiences a feeling of guilt after being forced to drink blood.
  • A shriveled stomach – a vampire can not eat ordinary food.
  • A lousy drunkard – a vampire quenches thirst worse when he drinks blood.
  • A dead man’s dream – a vampire can only sleep in a coffin
  • Insatiable thirst – the vampire is thirst faster
  • Night chains – the vampire’s ability to wane during the day.
  • A deadly aura – a vampire is extremely difficult to build a relationship with the rest
  • Eternal sadness – sometimes a vampire falls into deep despondency.


The vampire has special interactions that display bat icons in the menu. Sims vampire can also use their abilities on other characters, even if they are also vampires. The ability to use these or those abilities depends on the level of the vampire’s skill, without any skills, he can only absorb the victim’s blood.

List of unique interactions available for vampires;

  • Call hallucinations – the ability to cause a hallucination of a character who within one hour will remain incompetent. A vampire can also take action.
  • Definition of character – a vampire is able to use this ability to instantly recognize character traits.
  • An insuperable drowsiness is the ability with the help of magic to cause a forced sleep for several hours at the victim.
  • Coercion – the ability, with the help of magic, to force the character to sit, clean, repair, behave rudely and train.
  • Calling needs – with the help of magic, call the victim’s need for food, sleep, toilet and hygiene.
  • Unique dialogues – vampires are available such dialogues as “Remember life to death”, “Discuss the taste of blood”, “Complain to the sunlight” and others.
  • Bloody food – a vampire can, after biting a character, quench his thirst. If a vampire asks to give blood voluntarily, the character will allow him to drink from the wrist, if the vampire forcibly drinks, then from the neck. In this case, the relationship does not deteriorate, because the character is under the influence of hypnosis.
  • Turning into a vampire – a vampire with the help of a bite can turn another character into a vampire.
  • To pretend that you want to bite is a kind of dirty trick; The vampire allegedly attacks the character, but in fact only frightens him.
  • Pulling the soul out – a vampire through a bite can deprive the character of memories and bring them back again through the bite.

Among other things, vampires have unique interactions with other vampires, such as;

  • Asking to teach vampirism – a vampire may be asked to give a lesson from a more experienced vampire and through lessons to acquire new abilities, bypassing the need to spend experience points.
  • To suggest the lessons of vampirism – by teaching a less experienced vampire and showing him examples of magic, an experienced one can give him some knowledge, bypassing the experience points.
  • Vampiric sparring – the opportunity to fight with a vampire for training purposes, neutral interaction.
  • Vampire duel is a kind of fight, but it looks better and demonstrates the great physical strength of vampires.
  • Kill a vampire – if there is a cure for vampirism, a vampire can forcefully give it to another vampire, turning him into an ordinary person.