Valve turned the game around. How the ending Alyx alludes to Half ‑ Life 3

Valve turned the game around. How the ending Alyx alludes to Half ‑ Life 3 Half Life Alyx

On March 23, Half-Life: Alyx was released. In the evening of the same day, the ending of the game appeared on the network, and a little later – its detailed explanations from journalists. As it turned out, the plot of the VR title is directly related to the story in Half-Life 2 and clearly hints that sooner or later we will see a full third part.

Note: hereafter follow the spoilers of the plot of Half-Life: Alyx


At the very end of the game, Alix gets to the mysterious vault, where they allegedly hold Gordon Freeman. Opening it, the girl discovers a G-Man in front of her, who offers her a job, as she has established herself as a useful person.

G-Man offered the same thing to Gordon Freeman after the events of the original Half-Life.

At the same time, G-Man asked Alix what event she would like to change. The girl asked to remove the Harvester from the Earth, but G-Man said that this was too complicated a request, and offered an alternative. At that moment, the heroes were transported to the final scene of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Alix sees himself in the future, mourning his dead father – just a few seconds before this, the Counselor killed him. G-Man invites the girl to save Eli and rewinds time back, giving her the opportunity to kill the monster.

Then G-Man and Alix return to the Half-Life: Alyx timeline. A man tells a girl about a previous employee who did not fulfill his obligations. So G-Man again hints at Gordon Freeman.

Gordon Freeman (left)

After that, G-Man states that it was difficult for the previous employee to find a replacement – until recently – and locks Alix in stasis. Thus, he employs her against her own will. After this comes the credits, but then begins, as Wylsacom put it, “dump of the head”.

Do you recognize?

After the credits, the player again ends up in the end of Episode Two, but instead of Alix, Gordon Freeman is under his control. A lively Eli stands in front of him and screams with fury that the “son of a bitch with unforeseen circumstances” took the girl. This phrase confirms that he means exactly G-Man.

G-Man himself, by the way, is also in this hangar and disappears after a few seconds.

Then the Dog flies into the frame (a giant bot familiar to the fans of the series) and hands Eli the same mount. Eli hands it over to Gordon Freeman and says that “they have a lot of work.” This is where the game ends.

Full video with ending

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