Valve Index VR-helmets will begin to be sent no earlier than February 2023 – review

After the announcement Half-Life: Alyx virtual reality helmets Valve index become deficit in the US and Canada. The reason is simple: until the end of the year, each Index buyer will receive an Alix gift. It is assumed that this was the reason for the lack of devices. At the same time, insider Daniel Ahmad said that the helmet took second place in popularity after Halo: reach.
Now the portal Uploadvr reportedthat the delivery of new sets of Valve Index worth a thousand dollars (about 64 thousand rubles) per unit starts no earlier than February 2023, although earlier the company promised to send helmets by Christmas.
Note that, according to the source, the game will have optional actions that work only with Index controllers. Although game support is announced for all helmets on the PC, and perhaps someday the release will take place even on PS VR.

Half-Life: Alyx will be released in March, so it’s logical to assume that Valve is preparing for a new “boom” in demand for helmets. Although there is no guarantee that the right number of devices will be released on time. The game itself is priced at $ 60.