Valve believes in the appearance of a mod that will wean Half-Life: Alyx from a VR helmet

Half Life Alyx

IN Valve We are sure that in the future some enthusiast will be able to release a modification that will allow him to play Half-Life: Alyx without a VR helmet, and also connect a mouse and keyboard. This was stated by the game designer Robin Walker.

As the developer explained, he would be interested to hear what players would think of such a version. The project was developed from scratch under VR, so Walker believes that the project will become less interesting.

If the audience likes this version, it will prove that he was wrong. If you don’t like it, then people will understand why the project was created taking into account virtual reality.

Note that some developers are trying to adapt VR-games for the usual passage. For example, I did Ubisoft with his Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Valve previously explained why Half-Life: Alyx cannot be fully adapted for the keyboard and mouse..

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