Valkyria Chronicles

Six years have passed since Valkyria Chronicles was released exclusively for Playstation 3. Along the way, some downloadable content and portable sequels -some have not even reached our territory- that took advantage of the good taste of the mouth that


left the first installment of this game role and strategy of SEGA. Now, against prognosis, Steam arrives at a port that allows PC users to test the benefits of what is, without a doubt, one of the great sleepers that the previous generation of consoles leaves us.


A special title able to catch all the users who have made with him and convince them of the jewel they have in hand even if it is a niche genre far from the types of games that succeed today.

The Second World War

The game that concerns us narrates a conflict inspired by the Second World War. It locates us in a fictitious world in which two great powers fight for the territories of the Europe of 1930. On the one hand, the Imperial Alliance from the east and on the other the Atlantic


Federation. In between, a neutral country called Gallia – the name is not accidental – that stands out for not having positioned itself in battle and for being very rich in Ragnite, a mineral that has many uses in times of war: energy for machines, healing properties for


the infantry. The plot and the successive chapters stand out not only for the development of the war between the different factions, but also for the characters among which there are two protagonists: WelkinGunther -who arrives at the Gallia at the beginning of the adventure- and Alicia Melchiott, in charge of a defense team of this region.

Valkyria Chronicles (PC) screenshot

Valkyria Chronicles (PC) screenshotValkyria Chronicles (PC) screenshot

The plot that develops around the characters, all unique and exclusive, the relationship between them, the presence of the Valkyries(race of which there is only one representative with life) or the personality that they show not only with their design but also in character they play an important role in the narrative of the title. The title is told as if it were a book, going through chapters: some are scenes with dialogues and cinematics, others are battles, what we will play.


The general tone, without excess of epic or markedly Japanese elements -although there are fantastic touches- helps us to feel within a world war with


current protagonists who will need to do extraordinary things. The management of the team that Welkin will have to lead, the balance of our squads according to each mission and the fear of losing someone important in combat will be a constant for a very agile, dynamic and easy to control game.

When a mission starts, the map in which the action takes place is displayed. And the constraints (having to reach a point that is on the other side, ending with a specific commander, cleaning the area of ​​enemies). We have commander points on the one


hand, which are our turns. With each point we can choose one of our units and we go to the battlefield, where we go to action with the action points. We choose for example Welkin and already in the field, we decided what to do with him. We can move it freely around the stage until a movement bar reaches zero.