Until Dawn

But at first playing Until Dawn even a little embarrassing. The first two hours you do not show the horror, and the TV series “The OC.” The story about a serial killer turns into a puzzle, “see what’s what, with whom teens fuck.” The authors present one character after another, give details of their sex life, and hope that you all remember.

My advice to you, use a pen and paper, because in my head all this important information immediately will not keep Chris in love with Ashley, and Ashley like Chris, but they have not together,

Mike is currently dating Jessica, and he recently broke up with Emily which now meets with Matt, but continues to see Mike behind Matt, because Mike only needs one thing – that he “polished his flagpole” …

Characters argue, ask each other not “Mandi” parry offensive “to you all his life push the legs “and, of course, on-kosh achi fighting over guys (especially girls podnachivat, and such options are there).

Among Until Dawn brings incredible pleasure

I Pasha Pivovarov held a six-hour stream Until Dawn. Finals at the request of the audience had to beat to save favorite characters.

If in these moments you will be walking around women, you will not be gathered from the shame of things happening on the screen, the “House-2” (unless, of course, these women did not sit next to at the outset). And – I warn you! –

Not to recognize that all these teenage quarrels, scandals and dirty hints in the spirit of “now you have ottarabanil right here on this bed,” they … well … addicting. Yes, you’re a grown man, and you are selling beer and smoke my mother allows but meanly Until Dawn catches his naivety and staged artificiality inherent in all the youth horror.

This is how to read Dena Brauna in a public place – trying to wrap everything into a joke, clicked their tongues, they say, what a silly little book, and eventually give up and admit that much.

And like Brown, and his folly like, that’s just a shame before the people … It is a shame not to the public, and to the “home”, which, as they say, simply wiped the dust in front of the screen – with the familiarity Until Dawn-of-context and truth raises questions.

Review of Until Dawn.  Game Review - Image 4
Review of Until Dawn.  Game Review - Image 5

But “Living till dawn” and could not be the other, and here’s why. Until Dawn – this is a very sociable game and all its elements, starting with the frivolous and sometimes annoying characters, and ending with cheap Screamer and unexpected plot twists, creating a fertile environment for you to entertain yourself.

All as blunt movies when you get no pleasure from the movie, but from their surroundings – friends who joke about and no, caustic comments, turning serious scene into a farce.

And here the same way, only the authors, studio Supermassive Games, deliberately operate genre cliches (the developers have repeatedly stated that the youth do homage to horror movies) and throw up topics that are guaranteed not to be left without attention of your friends.

Game trailer.

Not surprisingly, Until Dawn suddenly subdued Twitch – the company gives the game an incredible pleasure, and it does not matter whether you are behind a sofa or watch someone’s stream, parallel when chatting. Her co-flow gives dozens of memes that you have a couple of days will be remembered with a smile (I’m sure most of these things in advance is counted by developers).

For example, in this six-hour marathon favorites of audiences become bloodthirsty deer, ruined one of the characters (on the neighboring streamers were replaced Young Wolverine).

The poor animal was accused of all mortal sins until the end of the broadcast! And as soon as we make a joke about a good girl Ashley, who do not develop AIDS, because the brain and wears a hat as users immediately picked up the theme, developing and supplementing joke and periodically returning it to the discussion.

Well, pretty ass Sam (man in the middle of the game is dressed in leggings) and does become legendary – even had to arrange a vote for a better rear view among the female characters.