Universal will remove a new remake of the horror “Something” according to an extended version of the original story

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Studios Universal pictures and Blumhouse productions joined forces in the development of another adaptation of the horror “Something“about a group of polar explorers who entered into an unequal battle with an ancient alien creature.

The new version of the horror movie will be the third (or fourth, if we take into account the prequel of 2011) Hollywood attempt to adapt the science fiction novel of 1938 to large screens “Who goes?“writer John Wood Campbell Jr., however, unlike previous films, the upcoming picture will be based on an expanded version of the story called “Ice hell“considered lost for many decades. In 2018, the author John Betancourt spoke about the discovery of an unreleased full-length version of the classic short story, claiming that “Ice Hell” extends the story of “Something”, adding an already incredible story to the vital background and context.

The book was successfully published using Kickstarter, and now the full version of the story will form the basis of the new movie adaptation of the cult horror film. It is reported that the picture will incorporate all the best from the first film adaptation of “Something from Another World” of 1951, John Carpenter’s classics “Something” of 1982 and both books: “Ice Hell” and “Who’s Going?”.

The release dates of the film are not yet called.

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