Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

However, Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 may be a production that perfectly adapts to the meaning of updating, and although the changes and improvemen


ts made are evident from the second one, we are not facing a major change that can be detected by an outsider to the genre or the franchise. The good news? That the miracle has been done: after years of claiming Arc System Works, the company has decided to sell Rev 2 simultaneously as an independent game and as an expansion, saving good money if you have Revelator in any of the three platforms that premiered.


The decision taken by the editor to accommodate new ways to sell his work seems to have given him wings to put on the shelves one of the shortest extensions that are remembered in the history of the franchise. Beyond the changes made to the characters and the addition


s mentioned in the arcade mode and the fighters who did not have such mode in the previous game, in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 follows everything practically the same as in Revelator. Put another way: Rev 2 in an expansion dedicated to expanding and leveling the roster of players, updating the game and allowing fans to stay on top of the game.



Bloodstained Lineage

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 fixes some questionable elements of the game system, but unlike in other important updates of the series, does not provide great news. Of course, you still have the elements that have made the series great again after many years of wandering in the two dimensions of XX delivery. The most novel at first glance is in the visual, adding new cameras and

angles that make the conclusions and entrances to the battles more spectacular. As it happened in Revelator, the developer has taken a step back with the unworthy Danger Time, and now it is more a delicious anecdote than an annoying addition.


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 analysis

New cameras have been added for victories and entrances. Spectacular guaranteed.

The two main novelties are in the already extensive staff of 25 fighters: Answer and Baiken . The first is a totally new character in the franchise, is the deputy of President Chipp Zanuff, and is a sort of ninja secretary who does not stop consulting your phone duri


ng the battle; the second is one of the most mythical fighters of the game, which debuted in the original PlayStation Guilty Gear in the late nineties. Although many lamented his absence in the original Xrd, the wait has been worthwhile, since the samurai is better than ever.


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 PC

Jack-O is the perfect example of the evolution of Guilty Gear: its mechanics are almost those of a tower defense.

Guilty Gear has not stopped expanding its universe with dozens of ways since the franchise debuted in the 32 bits, and although the story of Rev 2


is the same as that enjoyed in Revelator, a small conclusion has been added that adds a new datum to the already delirious plot of the series. The fishing system, which allowed you to spend money from the game in exchange for content in the form of images, music or avatars for online, has improved by adding the possibility of buying the extra content separately by paying a little more. Luckily, what you got in Revelator can be recovered in Rev 2, so you will not have to fish again.


Technically rarely has a game like this been seen in 2.5D

As for multiplayer , everything is still as pampered as ever in Arc System Works. Already in BlazBlue Central Fiction I highlighted the great work he did with the lobbies and game rooms, but in Xrd they have decided to improve up to the NetCode of the game. The games with Spaniards barely have a delay of 2 frames, an optimal figure to enjoy online games. Delicious game environment where you can meet other Guilty Gear fans from around the world and enjoy epic battles.


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Fatal Duel

The new Rev 2 seems a bit soulless, right? Do not get me wrong: there are two types of players who will enjoy the game and I think th

at if they like the genre, the new Guilty Gear is essential for both: if you are the user who has been breaking faces with Sol Badguy since the premiere of Xrd Two years ago you need Rev 2 to keep up to date and be able to compete wi
th the last game; If you are one of those who have not yet faced the Guilty Gear franchise and are a lover of the two-dimensional fight you are in luck, because everything that Rev 2 has is going to be new for you. It is a must then, a video game that would easily reach 9.5 in an independent analysis.


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 PC

Answer, one of the two new characters. A strange mix between Konoha ninja and efficient secretary.

Why would it be 9.5? Easy: there is no fight game on PS4, PC or Xbox One that combines such refined playable concepts as Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2. The franchise touched the sky with Accent Core a few years ago, but its developers have been


smart enough to contribute a new way of playing that, despite maintaining the style, opens its spectrum to new players willing to enter the Guilty Gear franchise. Not satisfied with planting 25 incredible characters and reinventing the technical bases of


the series, offers a tutorial that is the envy of the genre: never a developer has shown so much fervor to invite its users to enjoy their game.


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Baiken returns better than ever. Wonderful work the Arc System Works with the samurai.

In the multiplayer everything is still as pampered as ever in Arc System Works

Amaestrar Xrd is synonymous with having on your console (or computer) one of the best battles that you will live at the controls of a fighting gam

e today. Technically, a video game like this has rarely been seen in 2.5D: the work that the team does with Unreal Engine 3 is incredible, and if the appearance on PlayStation 4 and PC is surprising, imagine what it means to play th
e title in conditions also very good on PlayStation 3. The sound is the brand of the house: impeccable heavy metal melodies and melodic rock that become instant classics of the genre. You do not like them? No problem: you have a wide catalog of classic songs from the series that you can unlock and use in multiplayer. To your liking


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 PC

Guilty Gear and music: a marriage of almost 20 yearsJack-O is the name of the pumpkins that are made on Halloween. The name of the Instant Kill of the character? I Want Out, one of the most famous songs of Helloween, group in which its main singe


r was for many years Michael Kiske, who lends the surname to the co-star of the game, Ky Kiske, who takes and adapts the name of the also ex of Helloween Kai Michael Hansen, who was part of the Gamma Ray group, which has given name to one of Dizzy’s movements. Have you found other references to heavy metal and rock groups in Xrd Rev 2? Naturally! The game is full of them!

I understand that the previous statement clashes with the conclusion of the analysis and the final grade, but I think that all the good and necessary to understand the conception of Xrd was already said in the first review of the game in 2015 and that we have limited ourselves here to gut. 2 as an expansion, not as an independent work. That Arc System Works is able to updat


e the content and improve it with each extension is a very good news for followers, but when evaluating an entry as Rev 2 it would have been difficult to understand if, as has been usual in the series so far, we they would have gone through the box to buy the whole game again.


Arc System Works has been modernized, yes, and that’s good for our pocket, but it may not be so much to engineer new content in future installments of the series. And if I say Dust-loop, Isuka, Atomiswave and you know what I mean … Guilty Gear Xrd R


ev 2 is more Guilty Gear XX #Reload than Guilty Gear Accent Core, but like what happened with the premiere of Reload in its day, after trying it , you will not want to go back to XX.