Unit 4

In the distant distant galaxy, far away
As mentioned in a few lines above, Unit 4 is inspired by the two-dimensional platforms that catapult the player across a series of themed levels, characterized by a twisted, masked design level, and the Game Over is not a choice but a constant.
The Gamera title throws us into the deep space with a rather simplistic pretext, starting with the classic Star Wars crawl opening (do you see the “So long ago, in a distant galaxy” typical of George Lucas’s trilogy?). As a matter of four improbable space heroes, we will be busy exploring some distant worlds to defend our planet from the evil empire of the turn, while at the same time seeking to recover a mysterious artifact from truly extraordinary powers. 
Four heroes, each with a different style and abilities, immersed in a universe that does not like taking too seriously. Unlike the gameplay of the title, which will severely punish anyone who is approaching subtly.
The universe of Unit 4 is marked by three main worlds, each of which consists of five areas for a total of fifteen levels. And if that does not seem to you enough, know that you will need between 15 and 20 minutes to complete a scheme, which will double if you’re going to try to get all the collectors present inside the stages (including the traditional coins from then spend in the dedicated shop).
The setting, as mentioned in a few lines above, is that of the two-dimensional platform, with the characters able to move and jump in one direction, trying to avoid or eliminate the many (and quite ostentatious) enemies scattered across the various levels of game.
However, each of the protagonists will have a special skill that is useful to get out of the spinous situations or simply to take advantage of the scenario in our favor. First, the traditional double jump, essential for greater landing accuracy. The ramp follows, not only to stick to the walls, but also to quickly wipe out an opponent if we find it in our range. In the case, however, we want to go beyond a barrier,
Unit 4
Space balls
The ability to change a character by simply pressing a joypad button is a feature that will not only prove to be crucial to the game but also allow gaming to vary, not least, which would have been rather customary.
By alternating in real time the characters will mean creating mid-air combinations, perhaps just in the middle of a jump, moving quickly from one hero to the other, exploiting the basic power on the fly.
Only practice will make perfect, just like the many deaths caused by a wrong jump, a more infamous enemy than others, or a shudder that at first sight had completely escaped. If you’re thinking about Super Meat Boy, you’ve done your calculations well: even in the Gamera title, the gaming system does not compromise, and despite the checkpoints are lucky enough to be numerous, nothing and no one will take our hand to accompany us at the end of the level. It is a hell of platforms, traps, jumps to the millimeter and – precisely – the ability to use special skills.