Unexpected joker in the hands of ST. How pro-players implement a regular farmgun

The second post on the macro and microgame of the past year. Guess who “removed” the once-relevant UMP45 from the meta.

Good day, dear reader. Do you know that not only for you, but also for professionals, the New Year holidays were held at the speed of the sun’s rays? While FACEIT announces a new league and closes the old, while DreamHack prepares to host the first major battle of 2023, we continue to raise topics from the upcoming 2019. Are you intrigued by the title of the article? The answer will give mixwell:

“MP5 with *** t. Damage is worse than that of MP7 at the same price. MP9 is cheaper and better” (C) mixwell in mid-2018.


So, what is this device? Compare the performance of MP9 with the performance of MAC10 (as an analogue for T) and FAMAS (as another popular option in incomplete buy-rounds).

Table with values.

Rate of fire is the very thing that covers some of the device’s shortcomings. With a high accuracy of fire, there is a chance to spray more shots than FAMAS, and therefore take away +/- the same amount of health. Still, 4 is not the biggest difference in default damage. The same applies to armor penetration.

The firing range is ideal for short and medium distances. For example, many take FAMAS because of the high range, which will be inferior to full-fledged devices both in accuracy and in the demolition of HP. However, if you buy MP9, then you are preparing in advance for small close shootouts, where the chances against the conditional AK-47 will not be the same, but very close. It is worth mentioning that the picture of the MP9 spray is unusually simple, and it is quite possible to get into the head with bursts of any duration. Given all of the above, the price of $ 1250 is not entirely fair, because MP9 is becoming a less valuable weapon than the controversial MP5 / MP7.

Rising popularity on the competitive stage

Turn on HLTV, go to the statistical pages of any major in the period from 2016 to 2019. Scroll down to the device popularity chart, and except for UMP45 (not counting FACEIT Major) we do not see any farmgans. The tendency to try MP9 regularly was born a few months ago, it happened during CS: GO Asia Championship 2019. After this event, in the pie charts of major tournaments until the end of 2019 appears MP9 with an indicator of ~ 3% rounds. Good old UMP is gradually falling out of the top. If you have reached this point, then now we will analyze what advantages the hero of the material has in the capable hands of the pro-player on each map.

IEM Beijing 2019 | HLTV.org


No wide variety in the selection of positions was found: MP9 is one hundred times more effective than M4 on the upgrade, therefore, from the start of the round, an aggressive opornik G2 esports only stood there. The scatter and the distance from the door to the stairs is optimal to pinch into a fallen terrorist. Problems can arise when opponents use smoke under these doors, from which to exit from MP9 into open space is a dangerous roulette.

Sometimes the French in successful eco-rounds forced Jackz go to the B-plent through the connector. Yes, the measure can be forced, but in terms of convenience for implementation, narrow corridors and a jumper clearly hold the upper hand (unless, of course, you are not afraid of lurkers). Do not forget that even the roofs of cars can be good points for MP9, but by no means take A / B-main in the forehead.


On this map, MP9 is far from a device for a solo game. Any team from the top 10 combines this banana farm with more “sharp-sighted” brothers (like UMP45 or FAMAS). The scenario is that at first long-range shooting is used, and then the wrecked opponent approaches closer to the wall, from where MP9 suddenly starts to hit. The position, let’s say, is not particularly advantageous and loses situations when the terrorists still overcome the wall barrier. Luck comes into play: if at the start the teammate gave a lot of damage from afar (or tried to midline-ST), then MP9 extremely advantageously pushes it into the very depths of the banana.

Two seconds to complete triplekilla | FACEIT TV Twitch Channel.

And if you can shoot in short bursts, then you can issue a doublekill from a similar position:

Screenshot of the moment from frozen | CSRuHub Twitch Channel.

Purely theoretically, MP9 can deal with enemies in the apartment, because there is both an average distance and a narrow space. However, vivid examples in recent months were not observed.


The situation with MP9 on this card is deplorable. Almost no available distance will be completely profitable when receiving a monster, and a banal standing on a ramp will certainly lead to an exchange (under meta conditions, no team will send one attacker under a monster). A relatively good implementation is possible on a tight A-tape, where many objects will provide an opportunity for frags and retreats. Bottom line: early positioning from MP9 to B just takes up valuable time. For example Zywoo and tarik you can track that this will end in a swap on A.


In rounds with incomplete procurement, special forces prefer heavy armor, pistols, or UMP45 (it allows you to shoot down the street from the hangar early). But there are a lot of advantageous positions for MP9, which are simply not used on the pro-scene:

Map of optimal points of presence with MP9, including a review (please increase by click).

Instead, pro-players stand on the roof of the booth and take the door, from where it is sometimes unrealistic to kill T quickly departing. Homework for teams for the current year: make MP9 a bit more efficient on Nuke, using all the conditions.


We are approaching the finale. I managed to find a couple of interesting rounds from MIBR against Finnish eco and full buy. If you have a feeling of weak buying by your opponents, then you can safely push the mid from the connector according to the scenario:

USB flash drive from the window -> Lunge from the connector with MP9 -> Long-range shooting from FAMAS from the zigzag side -> Blind defense against the unfinished remains of T.

The Brazilians remained inactive MP9 on B (since guessing rush-B did not work out), and failed on MP9 on close pit reception (never do this, this is the worst position for our farmgan). As an alternative, there is an interesting place right behind the wall on the balcony of the carpets (do not confuse it with B-apartments): the enemy will not see the short barrel immediately, and you can react to surprises in steps, as it does shox.


The most delicious, in my subjective opinion, card for using MP9. Attach an activity map Team liquid:

Liquid activity map with MP9.

If the usual position around the corner of the mid is outdated and easily counteracted, then a nearby window with two-point visibility is a nice innovation.

For all this, Vertigo has a surprisingly large number of different boxes / boxes, from where there is a view on the upper body of the opponent (boxes on B-tape, for example). Oddly enough, with bad damage, a simple spray allows one short burst to give headshots to an opponent.

Dust II

There will be no ninth point; Dust II adopted UMP45.