Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The Lost Legacy – is a kind of rethinking the very first part of the series. We got back the jungle and jungle only (okay, the ancient temples), and the story is quite compact and does not split into a dozen branches in later releases.

At the same time, all the characters are relatively new, the old spirit of adventure and a friend, but the staging, the fight scenes and study locations at the level of Uncharted 4: A of Thief’s End . Excellent remake of the turns. What, then, is not it?

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The game was originally conceived as a plot DLC for Uncharted 4, but has grown to an independent project – so its developers and positioned. But the place of origin of The Lost Legacy is clearly visible.

Here’s the story, for example, is too simple and straightforward, without ideas and connotations, and even the most banal way is transformed from a “fairy tale” on a treasure hunt in the thriller about the salvation of the world (more specifically – the city). For DLC – ok for a full release of Uncharted – did not.

This story could draw colorful ambiguous villain, but I’m sorry, we have here the cankers, the next “leader of the mercenaries of the crowd” with ambition in the spirit of “grab the world, become the king!”. Of Uncharted, seriously, how much can you?

“He’s a damn clever,” said the villain of one of the heroines of the game, but The Lost Legacy confirm her words are not even trying.

The whole game is repeated the same scheme we podgazhivaem cankers, fall into his clutches, instead we just shoot, he begins to create some sort of game and chatter. We are running away.

Three times it is repeated exactly. Indeed, a brilliant villain. And yes, I know, it’s just a stamp of adventure movies, but what’s the good?

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Well, we have a new villain, not only, but also the characters, maybe they will balance the weak antagonist. In The Lost Legacy replace Nate came Hloya Freyzer, you can remember for Uncharted 2 and 3. However, it travels Nadine Ross – one of the main opponents in Uncharted Drakes brothers 4. Colorful couple? Well, not quite.

About Chloe I wrote in detail in  a brief review . It could be a substitute for Nate, the new face of the series, but the developers are either lazy, or whether anything good could come up and just turned it into the second Nathan. From previous installments, you can remember that Chloe was quite selfish character, located on the edge, which has already issued the title of “anti-hero”. In the same it a couple of times Nadine blame for the plot, but in reality is nothing in The Lost Legacy in Chloe no longer exists. She behaves like Nate, Nate jokes like, even like fighting Nate – skilfully and bravely, just as easily in the melee figachit professional soldiers. Know sexism – you just compare the dimensions of Nathan and Chloe, it is strange that it is not taken into account, it would be logical to place greater emphasis on stealth.

In addition to this she wrote a disgusting cliché backstory: Dad archaeologist, a keen work, paid no attention to his daughter, and then completely disappeared, sending his wife and Chloe in Australia with the words “THIS IS FOR YOUR SECURITY.”

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things are not better with Nadine. In Uncharted 4, it was scorched mercenary, tough leader and professional – his words, too, of course, did not climb. And then – a modest and even downtrodden. This should be justified by the fact that it is new to the search for the treasure? Not very convincing. And in the fourth part, it worked on this asshole killer and, knowing with whom he was dealing, and then suddenly be cut moralistka, heats for the honor and dignity, and even sincerely blames his troubles Drakes brothers. M da.

And what about the very chemistry between the heroines? As for us here, obviously, buddy film. It is, but again within the boring cliches. First Nadine does not trust Chloe and keeps aloof, then the heroine a bit closer together and wham! It pops up something, which is why trust is crumbling, Nadine has Chloe in the face (I hope it’s not too big spoiler?). But in the end will win the friendship and heroine become true co-worker.

According to the classics, the female duo dilutes and male character, but only to constantly do and talk nonsense, giving ground for the type of jokes, “Oh, those guys, anything-you yourself can not.” Not on the forehead, of course, but the promise of easy to read.

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