Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps Game Review

Sometimes players are still shooting at each other, rather than running around like idiots with an ax.

Because of this, the local gameplay does not cause anything but laughter through tears. Treat seriously what is happening does not work, even though the game is trying to be like a real team shooter. Before you start a round, you can offer the Allies a plan of action (for example, to bypass the left or rapidly attack while walking in a straight line), and lost a player sees the card with a bird’s eye view and monitor the actions of the enemy.

But all in Umbrella Corps looks so archaic and damp, trying to play it as if it were some kind of the Rainbow Six Siege , no desire.
Guest of the last

of Umbrella Corps – is another multiplayer team shooter, in which there are only two modes: “One Life” and “Mission”. In this online content, it can be said ends, so to see in multiplayer for something new will not succeed at all desire. In the future, Capcom promises to add a new regime and to support Umbrella Corpsfree extras, but I doubt that anyone would return to the game after a couple of weeks.

The “One Life” two-three person teams try to destroy each other, and dead players do not respawn until the end of the round. Maps are very small, so finding someone is not difficult, and finishes the match fairly quickly. The winners are those who defeated three opponents. The “mission” of the need to perform various tasks – to collect suitcases, hold point or seek DNA samples. Shoot at enemies as possible and even necessary, to get the advantage, but after a few seconds the players can be revived and take revenge.

Even if the process and get some minimal pleasure, bored all happening very quickly. Shoot boring, monotonous task, and connection to the game sometimes takes a few minutes. Whether servers are any problems, whether the players are too little, but which of the two modes or choose very often throws in the game menu and forces launch search of rivals again. But when the match is still not start, it is clear that to pick players based on their “pumping» of Umbrella Corps will not be – you can be in the same team with the twentieth level users and to fight with the newcomers, the first time to run the game.

Balance should not be expected, and everything else. The above-mentioned newcomers will try to shoot at enemies while they are running to them with a melee weapon, and eventually win. “Kronus”, resembling a big ax, carries with him every player, and this thing has great power and enormous blast radius. You can be a meter away from the opponent and time by pressing the button strike, to destroy it for a split second. Therefore, users who have spent at a local multiplayer over an hour, not even trying to aim at the enemies – they are just running around with an ax in the hope of finding someone and quickly win the round.


Quality Control

Even something as simple as the management, made somehow. For example, the character is crawling faster than walking – at first it sounds funny, and then ask yourself tested if at least someoneCorps of Umbrella ? Although unlikely – any play in this creation would be immediately noticed that occupies a third of the screen hero, to put it mildly, a strange decision.

The camera here is so uncomfortable, it is almost impossible to notice who approached the side of the zombies, and hunting it does not help other players.