Ubisoft and Apple Announce Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Premiere Date – review

In the summer of 2018 became knownthat streaming channel Apple creates its own series with the company Ubisoft. A year later, the project got the name: Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet. And now announced and the premiere date.

Apple TV + subscribers will be able to see nine episodes of the first season on February 7, 2023. They are dedicated to the life and work of a gaming studio that created a successful online role-playing game. Mythic quest and is now working on an addition to it called Raven’s banquet.

The producers of the show were Charlie Day and Rob McElhenny, the authors of the series “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia“. McElhenny also starred Ian Grimm, creative director of the studio.

Also in the series we will see F. Murray Abraham (“Grand Budapest Hotel“), Danny Poody (“Community“) And others. Among the actors is also Ashley Birch, who received Golden Joystick Awards for Chloe’s role Life is strange and nomination for The game awards for the role of Parvati in The outer worlds.