Ubisoft All-Star Blast Released – Publisher’s Crossover Greeted Again with Discontent

Ubisoft released a web game Ubisoft All-Star Blast, which is available on smartphones, tablets and computers on a special website Ubisoft nano

The game is a battle royale style Bomberman, where up to 99 players meet on one map as famous heroes of various projects of the French publisher, including Prince, Ezio, Sam Fisher, Vaas, Rayman, Phoenix and so on.

The audience is again unhappy that episodes like Splinter cell and Rayman are remembered only for such crossovers, while fans have been waiting for full-fledged games for years.

“Excellent! That literally nobody wanted. And he is unlikely to try. Congratulations Ubisoft, you are doing flawlessly. “

Ubisoft will do anything with Sam Fisher, but not the new Splinter Cell with him“.

By now, Tom Clancy is already so spinning in the grave that his sarcophagus has built several kilometers of underground tunnels.

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