Tyranids Must Be Destroyed: Games Workshop Reveals Angels of Death’s New Trailer

This week a New Zealand artist Syama Pedersen published a fifth of his short Astartes. However, not only he, but also the company decided to please fans of the universe Games workshop.

She introduced the new trailer for the series. Angels of death (“Angels of death“), on which the creators of the fan project are working HELSREACH. The video shows the battle of the Imperial Fleet with the Tyranid hive fleet.

It is worth noting that the decision of Games Workshop to release a video immediately after the release of the final episode of Astartes turned against them. The budget of the project was visible with the naked eye at the announcement, and since then the situation has only worsened. Even an attempt to stylize a picture as work in the style of a comic / filmSin City“. Extremely poor sound performance is also perplexing.

Angels of Death is dedicated to the Ninth Legion of the Space Marine, also known as the Blood Angels. Its representatives suffer from the so-called Black Fury – a state where the space marines fall into madness and begins to imagine himself as primarch Sanguinius (Great Angel), who died in battle with his traitorous brother Horus Lupercal (Warrior / Archpreader). The flaw lies in the gene seeds, so after crushing the legion into orders (no more than a thousand Adeptus Astartes in each), the infection spread to the “branches”.

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