two trailers of the series were released at once – Igromania

Showrunners Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, known for their TV series “Sherlock“And”Doctor Who“, Working on a new project, a mini-series based on the novel by Bram Stoker”Dracula“. And today two of his trailers came out right away.

Three episodes of the future series will be shown on the channel Bbc one January 1 to January 3: episode per day. Each episode will last an hour and a half. The short Air Force trailer goes to the song of Iggy Pop Lust for Life, which gives it a touch of old-fashioned comedy.

Channel released its own version of the trailer Netflix. And here everything is much more serious: the teaser has gathered frames that can shock the impressionable nature. On Netflix Dracula will get over 4 January.

The series takes place in 1897. The main role, the immortal vampire Dracula, was played by Danish actor Klas Bang, best known for the drama by Ruben Estlund “Square“.

In addition to him, we will see in the series of John Heffernan (“Crown“), Joanna Scanlan (“Electric dreams of Philip K. Dick“), Jonathan Aris (“Sherlock“), Dolly Wells (“Can you forgive me?“) And others.