Two pair of wings

The emergence of another champion in the League of Legends is a lot of speculation. Yield Camille out spodvig fans for funeral Talon and without “lanky” ladies not enjoyed love. It is difficult to imagine what strength predictions turn announce not one, but two champions. Being connected to each other not only skills but also skills. Meet odnokrylye lyubovnichkov: Seducer Reykan and Stick It Shaya .

Riot Games is positioning as a very Reykana champion rolling support on the bottom line in a bunch to the shooter. Seducer must break the enemy defense nonstop displacements and tossing into the air, and to enhance Allied shields and podlechivat if necessary. As planned by the developers Reykan will first attack the brilliant pen , until the time comes for the Magnificent appearance (Seducer prone to theatricality), and after him, and the Battle of dance . Regardless of the outcome of such a spectacular exit champion activates ultimatum ability – Elan . This is the basic strategy, based on Reykana features.

Crazy feathers (passive skill)

Outfit Reykana accidentally creates a shield – in combat and outside it. Reykan can reduce recharge ability, attacking the enemy champions.

Brilliant pen [Q]

Reykan throws forward enchanted pen. At hit in enemy champion or an epic monster is dealing damage and cloak Reykana rises under the influence of magic. After a short time Reykan restores health to allies next to him. If Seducer concerns ally, the treatment activated instantly.

Excellent appearance [W]

Reykan leaps forward, landing gracefully in the selected location. After spectacular dramatic pause, he takes to the air and throws up nearby targets.

War dance [E]

Reykan jump to an ally, imposing on him a shield. it can be applied after a few seconds of combat dance again – even for the same purpose. If the goal – Shaya, jump distance increases.

Elan [R]

Reykan rushes forward Captivating your outfit and bewitching the audience. While still in Elan, Reykan enchants all the affected enemies and dealing damage (to the same effect the champion only once can be applied). Referring to the first champion, Reykan greatly accelerated.

SPECIAL BACK – Love nest

When one of the lovers return to base, his partner may accede to it by doing the perfect comeback.

Two pair of wings.  Deceiver Reykan and Stick It ShayaTwo pair of wings. Deceiver Reykan and Stick It Shaya

Although Riot Games and called Reykana champion to support the bottom line arrow, the potential of it is much more interesting. Cuckoo at the bottom of the card will only regular players, who take on the roleplaying deceivers only because of the freshness of experience and excessive power of the novice. The mothers gamers, for sure, will make of Reykana tramp (roamer), the benefit to seducing abilities are perfect for sudden ganking in tandem with his teammates on their rivals.

Reykan has all the makings for a role extremely aggressive tech support (support for the champion). Especially if you combine it artifacts maneuverability for speed (Talisman ascension, or, say, Ghost Dancer), as well as to compensate for the standard class “cardboard” items, reinforcing protection. Hourglass Zhoni – one of those.

Of course, the role of the evil nomadic character support, and even more so, “Owl” on the bottom line Reykan not limited. Smart players are often on fragile and less brisk Sonia satisfied hell enemies until the Allied tanks and murderers get in skull over and over again, contrary to its intended use. Reykan, is likely to be just as good in the unexpected role of a thug of all the match, given the usual lack of balance among the new arrivals champions.

Girlfriend Reykana, Shaya, belongs to a small class. By first subjective impressions Stick It is an aggressive arrow entering the grips behind initiators and tanks, but not trivial distance tracking victims like Ash. However, wagering winged lady has a caveat. She did not burst into the battle in a temper, and is preparing the battlefield directly at him than hints at the role of the killer with the control elements. The thing with feathers that remain after using the Clean cuts , Dual Daggers and Pen storm (categorical capacity). Using Call blades Shai draws them back. It turns out very depressing to rival winged Wild Child picture. First, the enemy takes damage on the way to a girl fromDual Daggers . Then he runs into Deadly wings . After the poor guy in the back arrives lots of feathers left champion after auto attack by minions – the matter is that Clean cuts .

Clean cuts (passive skill)

After applying the skills the next few auto attack Shai extend through all the enemies on the way (causing reduced damage to all targets after the first). In addition, when hit they leave the battlefield feathers that lie there for a while.

Paired daggers [Q]

Shaya throws two blades in a straight line, dealing damage to all affected targets. After contact with daggers leave behind feathers.

Deadly feathers [W]

Shai creates a whirlwind of feathers blades, which increases the strength and speed of its next few auto attack. If the enemy attacks Shaya charged autoattacks she briefly receives an increase to the speed of movement.

If during the use of lethal feathers near Shaey is Reykan, he also receives the effects of the ability.

Call blades [E]

Shaya attracts all the feathers, which cause damage to all affected targets. If the enemy gets a few feathers at once, he briefly immobilized.

Fountain storm [R]

Shai bounces up and over time can not be draw order. After a short pause, she throws a few blades in the sector in front of him, and each one deals damage to targets afflicted and in contact leaves the pen. Shaya can move while in the air.

SPECIAL BACK – Love nest

When one of the lovers return to base, his partner may accede to it by doing the perfect comeback.

Two pair of wings.  Deceiver Reykan and Stick It ShayaTwo pair of wings. Deceiver Reykan and Stick It Shaya

Chailly charm that together its ability may change the role of champion and its military value, depending on the equipment. With an emphasis on attacking objects (for example, a bunch of herald of death, granite infinity and Bloodsuckers) the player will get a good killer. Especially if efforts to protect the relevant artifacts to survive the fight with the champions focused on melee combat. Replace Herald on Mercury scimitar and voila – Mage Hunter is ready.

How successful will actually Shaya and its gameplay while to tell difficult. On the one hand, ordinary players, for sure, will be fairly straightforward to spam the enemy feathers from behind comrades and be limited to those. This “fishing” and the role of pushing for the first arises when thinking about the tactical utility of a champion for the team. On the other hand, can be turned into Shai nimble assassin or even hardlaynera. It is enough to find the recipe correct assemblage of artifacts, as well as having the hands of the right place and excellent response. Without them, a direct clash psevdoubiytsy to the class representative, not to mention the tank over to Mademoiselle failure.

Only the characters presented, so that our reflections on their use and may be unfounded. However, even without vangovaniya clear that the champions are interesting in themselves, so fans will find. play football Lol!

Not every day at the League of Legends characters appear related to each other not only history, but also the gameplay. Curiously, as the Riot Games will be cast over them a place in the Champions balance? Soon find out.