TVR: Disney Resurrects Banned Star Wars Animated Series From Robot Chicken

Company Disney plans to release on streaming service Disney + animated series Star Wars Detours (“Star Wars: Roundabouts“), which have been gathering dust on the shelf for many years. The Vulcan Reporter (TVR).

The Detours project was officially announced back in 2012. The animation department was responsible for its development. Lucasfilm in collaboration with the creators of the iconic “Robot Chicken“(Robot Chicken) Seth Green and Matthew Yan

However, after Lucasfilm became part of Disney, the animated series has ended up in a production hell. As Seth Greene revealed in 2013, they completed 39 episodes and wrote scripts for another 62 episodes. You can still find trailers on YouTube, consisting of scene cuts. And in 2022, a six-minute episode leaked to the Network “Dog afternoon“(Dog Day Afternoon).

Why the project was “banned”, representatives of Disney and Lucasfilm did not officially disclose. Presumably, the reason was Detours humor, which was not suitable for Mickey Mouse housesaimed at a children’s audience.

According to The Vulcan Reporter, Star Wars Detours will be re-announced and released at the same time on May 4th as fans celebrate “Star Wars Day“(May the 4th be with you). Disney + subscribers will have access not only to the above 39 episodes, but also to an additional 13 episodes.

Actors such as Seth Greene, Ahmed Best, Billy Dee Williams, “Strange” Al Yankovich, Anthony Daniels, Seth MacFarlane, Catherine Taber, Abraham Benrubi and others have given their voices to the characters.

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