Turbo Overkill will be released not only on PC, but also on consoles

Spring studio Trigger Happy Interactive presented its new project, a cyberpunk retro shooter Turbo overkill… Then the developers announced that the game will be released exclusively on PC. But by this time they managed to change their mind: owners of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and Xbox One will get acquainted with it.

The creators of the game were inspired by classic shooters DOOM, Duke nukem and Quake… Our main character is Johnny Turbo, half-human, half-machine with combat implants: hidden missiles in his hand and a chainsaw in his shins.

In the story, the hero returns to his hometown of Paradise and discovers that its population has been captured by a rogue artificial intelligence and his army of reinforced minions. Johnny desperately needs money, and he takes on an impossible order: to destroy the AI ​​before his rivals.

Turbo Overkill is scheduled to release in 2022. PC version will be available in Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store

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