Action dedicated to the adventures of the tandem of “man and a huge monster” out rarely, so the choice in wanting to play in something like The Last Guardian small.
 The last time new products come to mind except that modest Troll and I. It is not meant to be a AAA project, but it has already been felt in the early stages of the soul, drama and an emphasis on the interaction between the two characters.
And now, after 2 years after the announcement, it is only partially meet the expectations. Part of this, alas, is inexcusably small.

We offer to play for the boy, Otto and giant troll, who run away from the hunters. The first kind is no particular reason to run from the rigors of uncles with their guns through the picturesque open spaces of Northern Europe, but once promised, “We’ll get through this together,” -, it is necessary.

At first glance, Troll and I quite rich filling. There are two main modes: puzzle-solving and combat. Tandem interaction is best revealed as time in the first case: the small size of Otto, his skill with a spear, and read the following to clear away debris and allow to sneak into hard to reach places, while the size and strength of the troll will help you to overcome the more serious obstacles.

Different characters and fighting styles: Otto gets faster and pinpoint strikes and troll can beat on the field, “flatten” the enemies, or else stun them a powerful roar.

The latter – one of the three abilities Troll, which spent some sort of mana; it can also become invisible or healed. Replenishes mana counter due to the killing of local goblins, however, clots of magic fall out of them is not always, and on what basis this mechanism works – is unknown.

These abilities can be improved in only one way: to collect totems troll and Otto, but the gameplay involves a variety of activities, for which one would give the experience, thus making pumping more familiar.

System improving skills in the classical sense is not: they are not structured in a “tree” and are simply a list that you can scroll through, but this list is pretty big, and even includes such things as the command action radius “Come to me.”

crafting menu has a similar interface: there are predefined variety of weapons (spears, clubs, etc.) and the requirements for the composition and quantity of materials. Create item can by holding down the left mouse button on its icon.

Similarly, it is necessary to use the products – berries or meat – necessary to restore the health of Otto. It sounds easy, but to follow the steps in the Steam-version of the game a little uncomfortable.

Very striking is how this game is tuned for the local co-op console. Play it alone on the keyboard and the mouse is not that tiring, but very slow asynchronous gameplay will have to taste is not for everyone.

 With the game single-handedly lost the feeling of a joint contribution to the advancement of both the heroes of the world game.

In addition, the keyboard control is different from the gamepad for the worse, particularly during combat.

This is not necessarily a problem: after the game will give you “on trial” a couple of mini-games, like the regime of surveillance and the QTE, then you’re basically wander around the edges, the hills and caves, explore the area, stocking materials to craft weapons and provisions , climb vertical surfaces of all kinds and, of course, to solve different kinds of puzzles.

It does not require much skill, but, suppose during the fight, even with the most basic enemy you have is impossible to make a somersault for Otto or shake off the enemy for the troll.

This inevitably gives rise to frustration, because almost all the enemies in the game is elementary zaklikivat without any work and are only good for knocking out one copy for winding. then you will mainly roam the edges, the hills and caves, explore the area, stocking materials to craft weapons and provisions, climb vertical surfaces of all kinds and, of course, to solve different kinds of puzzles.