Starting with no further ado, a pair of short shots that acquire meaning in the end. And now the voice belonging to the green sword in human growth, calling the taciturn main character, Ed, go ahead.

Appearing after a couple of meters of the first monster – pear training for working couples issued receptions, which, moreover, suggests that you need to collect remaining after the enemy “cells” that have not hatched a new enemy.

Located literally in the next room trio twins first opponent performs a task more important: representation of the tactical mode. Delivered to pause the world turns into a minimalist rassvechennuyu neon lights of a black void in which enemies and destructible walls apart.

Plan the sequence of operations when compared with attempts to evade numerous attacks in real-time looks like a surgical instrument on a background of an ax.

The chain of attacks and displacement is not so big, and immediately upon its completion a timer before the expiry of which it is impossible not only to re-enable the regime, but also to apply the normal capacity.

One touch Transistor this does not turn into a monotonous sechu struggles with a magic button solution to all problems. Spot raids followed a shelter all the danger zone is obtained to carry out not always. Attempts to overcome the enemy, relying solely on the skill, too, can not be called a universal approach.

And while I deal with how to combine these two methods, Transistor continues to dump its surprises. The narrator in this time – a direct participant in the events, knowing the answer to the question,

“What the hell happened here?”, But no longer concerned by the present than the past. Contact the composition – a reason to take a closer grasp in the tips, listen to the monologues of the sword, look into the luxuriously painted scenery. The process of exploration of the world game is intertwined with the gameplay is easy and simple: “functions”.

So here are called different kinds of skills, each of which contains the fragments of the history of one of the characters. In order to uncover all three parts of the recording, the ability to be applied in combat every way. Besides being able to assign an active effect on one of the four buttons, developers are offering to change some “function” or assign them to other passive modifiers.

In dozens of resulting combinations of “ordinary” strikes – in the minority. Sword in the hands of the character in accordance with cyberpunk entourage is rather space converter according to the program incorporated in it than knives. Different types of ranged attacks, mines, calling aides – the options are many, and they all require different tactics.

In the reconstruction of the history involved and the more familiar kiosks terminals with news, polls, and residents Klaudbenka messages. But here Transistor is where to be original. Rather than being a passive reader, Ed and acts as a commentator, as befits a decent city dweller winning digital technology. The heroine, as well as its companion, has something to say; she lost her memory, only the voice. About how this happens, we will know very soon after the start. How it is related to an event – one of the most important issues related scenarios with all the others. Why monsters are called “process”? That led them here? After all, what is a “transistor”?

Keys eventually emerge not all a mystery, but it is – not stealth unreliable narrator from Bastion; just the heroes do not need to tell each other what they know and so. An outside observer can only thinking the missing, but there is no sense of crudity. The plot is cleared of details even to the point where all the most important details are known.

Without revealing all his secrets, Transistor while gladly spends time with decorative things. You can, for example, pochekanit ball. A separate button is responsible for ensuring that Red start humming a melody, which varies according to the background music. Sound in the game generally allocated considerable attention. This is an important study in history: Red – the singer, whose songs were very popular in Klaudbenke, slightly reminiscent of a typical cyberpunk metropolis. This city before a catastrophe happens more like a futuristic utopia, where the celebrated art and science. There were not only dirty gate and lights of neon signs, but also quite suitable for normal people living space. Paying tribute to the culture of computer parts such as the paired brackets at the end of receptions names

Retaining all the advantages of the first game developers, Transistor adds a surprisingly deep gameplay, and more personal, compelling story. Great songs, great scenery, great adventure. As it turned out, Bastion was just a warm-up.