Transgender Operative Osa in Rainbow Six Siege Story Trailer

Company Ubisoft presented an animated story trailer for the new season of the tactical co-op shooter Rainbow six siegenamed Crystal guard… The video introduces players to the previously announced Croatian operative, nicknamed Osawho is skilled with high technology and is openly transgender.

Among other things, Osa has transparent bulletproof shields that she can install in windows, doors or floors. It will be possible to test it in action starting from September 7th with the start of the Crystal Guard season.

The fact that Osa is transgender is stated in her biography on the official website of the project. There, in particular, it is mentioned that during her studies at the University of Zagreb, the girl regularly spent time alone. This is due to the fact that those around her were negative about her transgender transition.

As the screenwriter explained Simon DucharmeUbisoft has long wanted to add a transgender to Siege as part of an initiative to create an inclusive roster of operatives. While designing the character, the company consulted with professionals from the trans community, and they helped to make Wasp as organic as possible.

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