Tournament without mirages and becoming broky: 8 ESL One New York results

Yesterday, the first S-tier tournament ended since the end of the Berlin Major. Eight teams came together in a bitter struggle over the weekend in New York.

Eight results of the American tournament, we note.

Astralis are second, but there are no Danes in the top 10 players

Top ESL One New York Players

An interesting fact, which once again underlines the focus of Astralis players on the full return to team play, rather than on individual actions.

Well, or if we consider this fact on the other hand, then perhaps the individual overperformance of any of the champion five Danes was not enough to win the ESL One New York.

Brehze, deservedly awarded the MVP of the tournament, ranked among the leaders in statistics with a rating of 1.29 and a difference of kills of +70.

But what if you look at the other side of the table? You will be surprised to find in the five worst players a sweet couple from FaZe – Coldziru and Raina.

Worst ESL One New York Players

Nr[E]G. First Evil Genius Tournament, First Victory

Evil Geniuses announced a CS: GO roster just a couple of hours before the start of ESL One New York. 102 hours later, the Americans lifted their first champion cup under a new tag.

Their last match in Counter-Strike until last Thursday, “Evil Geniuses” held in 2011 as part of Irukandji and n0thing. And yes, it was Counter-Strike 1.6.

Introducing a more successful comeback to the discipline than has happened with EG is extremely difficult.

I must say that the organization made a profitable, albeit expensive (rumored, up to $ 3 million) purchase. The composition of Stanisliv over the past month has reached the peak of its form, the team looks whole and cheerful, and the roster itself is not bad in terms of media component.

ex-NRGs have always been famous for their instability and jumped from peak to bottom of their form in literally 3-4 weeks. As soon as Cerq & Co got rid of their main problem, the guys immediately burst into Tier-1 and for more than three months they have not left the top 6 of the HLTV rating.

100 thousand dollars, the first victory as an EG and the very first points in the piggy bank of the third season Intel Grand Slam – the result of the last four days for the team of Stanislav.

The developers showed the old-new Cache

New textures, a lot of green and small, but fundamental changes are the result of long and painstaking work of card makers on the updated version of Cache.

Plent B, new Cache

Added options for scatterings, the map now seems a little more balanced between attack and defense, but its principle of operation has not changed much.

So, we can say that Natus Vincere will have a lot of problems in a month. With two unplayable cards.

Brothers Reunion: Still Full of Work

freakazoid and Cooper are rumored to be in serious disagreement after Austin left Swole Patrol in eUnited. Well, now boldly call the team reUnited.

The Americans showed a funny Overpass in their performance, but you can’t say that eUnited is ready to fight with top teams.

ESL One New York turned out to be a good event for eUnited to settle the updated roster at the LAN tournament.

The potential of the new Frikazoid team is. It remains only to be patient, because this is precisely what teams in CS: GO most often lack.

FaZe failed the tournament, but broky is fine

Regarding the updated composition of FaZe, many were worried about how the Latvian rookie would show himself, but I have concerns about the correct transfer of Koldzira.

And the question is not even the failure at ESL One New York, but in general. In total, I would like to highlight 5 points for Marcelo in FaZe Clan:

1) The cost of transfer, which is at least several hundred thousand dollars;

2) Level of knowledge of English (even though coldzera has been constantly taking lessons lately, his knowledge of English is probably still far from even good, not that ideal)

3) Coldzera now and coldzera two or three years ago – two completely different players on an individual level. Thus, the Brazilian’s rating 2.0 this year is 0.1 lower than in 2016 and 2017 (yes, coldzera is still a very solid player), and coldzera remains in clutch situations much less often than before, which reduces its impact on the game .

4) The transfer of the Brazilian player forces NiKo to again take the role of the leader in the game, which will critically affect the game level of the main star FaZe Clan in the near future.

Faze Clan has few prospects, and it is unlikely that they will make a top team out of the current Galacticos roster. Soon FaZe will have to refresh the line-up very much, if the organization wants to see its tag in the top 10 HLTV, mark my word.



As for broky, he showed his best side. The Latvian came to his first major tournament of his career, did not make a lot of highlights, but was not at a loss and did his rough work, he stuffed labor frags. I hope he will not be “picked up” from FaZe after ESL One New York and will approve Helviis for the next game.

The team will not have one result, so at least young people will grow up.

The Finns have not yet seen progress

Briefly about Ence in three sentences:

• Limited and predictable mappool

• Aerial and xSeven sank individually

• Not good communication level

If the first tournament without Aleksib, BLAST Pro Series Moscow, brought positive emotions and a charge of optimism for the Finnish team, then from that moment of progress, really, no.

With such a game in Malmö, Ence shines absolutely nothing.

Optic was unable to present itself with the best hand

It was a very important tournament for the Danes from Optic – the roster is still playing under the old tag. At ESL One New York, the guys could show themselves, but could not cope.

This was especially important against the background that several serious organizations are now selecting CS: GO rosters for themselves.

Autumn Attempt # 1: Failure. We are waiting for Optic to be shown at the tournament starting tomorrow in Malmö.

Tournament surprise: Mirage played only once

This is how the distribution of cards played on ESL One New York looks like:

ESL Cards One New York 2019

Two facts are surprising:

1) Nuke, which was played already 7 times. It’s rare that Nuke is the top 2 card in popularity in tournaments.

2) Mirage, which was played 1 time. Is this a coincidence, or are teams trying to avoid Mirage as a map, in exchange for an updated Cache?

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