Toukiden 2

Demons and temporal rushes
Certainly Toukiden 2 will not win any screenplay oscars, but especially when compared to that of similar titles (Monster Hunter down), the plot behind production is enjoyable in its simplicity, albeit from premise abused as travels in time and memory loss of the protagonist.
The narrated events are set in the same gaming universe of the previous titles and started off about two years after Kiwami’s: the player dressed as a Slayer (demon hunters) that can be created from scratch with a non-dissimilar editor from the one seen earlier in the franchise.
The character created by the player will be one of the warriors enlisted to face the descent of the hordes of demons from the north, in what will go to the story of Nakatsu Kuni as Awakening, the terrible day that marked the awakening of demonic armies. Armed with the weapon you chose to create the character (there are the same views in Kiwami plus two more news on which we will be back), and after a couple of fast fights that serve more than tutorials, our avatar will find its way huge demon, who will suck it.
The next scene will see a girl and a strange androids coming into the body of the ferocious warrior, deciding to bring him back to the village of Mahoroba, where they live. On awakening, ours will understand that he has been transported in time and space, as he is now in the opposite side of Japan and it has been over ten years since Awakening, during which demons crushed humanity, forced to take refuge in very few villages survived under the aegis of sacred vestals, whose powers help to keep away the unclean.
From these premise, a predictable and linear event will arise, however useful to contextualize most of the missions and to interpolate them with narrative sequences.
In any case, the commitment of Omega Force, which has endowed with each of the recruiting characters of a certain personality, has remained appreciable, has dubbed hundreds of text lines (original Japanese track with English subtitles) and has built a whole world credible, half between the Japanese Middle Ages so dear to the development team and a parallel reality in which demons and humans are two sides of the same medal.
Toukiden 2
A great step
Keeping everything good was in Kiwami, from an adrenaline fighting system but not without a strategy to a high level of personalization of his avatar, which goes through the creation of equipment and an increased number of Mitama, the team development
has decided to make Toukiden 2 a big step towards the open world.
This achievement was achieved by building an extremely large and wealthy gaming map, which, even if it does not compare with the sacred monsters of the genre, turns out to be adequate in quantitative terms and sufficiently varied at the visual level to not bore too soon.
Starting from the village of Mahoroba, the player can access the surrounding territories by simply leaving the main cabinet, in solitude, disconnecting exploration from any mission, or group, on the path to another goal.
Not all territories are immediately accessible, with an expedition linked to the high concentration of demonic, human toxic poison
s: this has allowed developers to discreetly measure free exploration and major missions during the first half of the adventure, when most of the map will be wrapped in the fog and the fields will blaze on enemies.
As time goes by, completing one of the four types of missions available, the party will have access to fast moving points, new areas to visit, and with them
a handful of new NPCs, many of which will lead to dowry second-tier of the most disparate, ranging from the collection of ingredients to the slaughter of particularly bracing ones.
The aforementioned missions are divided into those of the main plot, in which destination and party are fixed, the secondary ones, which can be complete
d at any time and with any companion, the classical ones, that have one or more prey, a field of closed battle and a time limit (on the ranks of those who made the fortunes of the first two chapters), and those linked to special ruins, divided into planes to win one by one, with the possibility of re-emergence only once every five floors .
The level of difficulty also varies considerably among them, but each player will find bread for his teeth: the neophytes could take advantage of three battle-makers who are too overwhelmed, which sometimes make trivial battles with common enemies almost banal instead , the veterans of the series will be able to leave the village in solitude and try to confront themselves alone against gargantuan beasts.
Of course, the characterization of non-play characters and the depth of optional searc
hes denounce the relative inexperience of Omega Force in the open world, but Toukiden 2 still works well, leaving the player the reins of the adventure, which can be chosen times and length depending on your taste.