Torn Tales

It turned out that only the three of them can resist the evil storyteller, who set out to invent a new, and, moreover, very unkind, fairy tale, stir the different characters. It overwrites the old stories, tearing pages of favorite books and making havoc in the fabulous worlds.

That is why Snow White, Robin Gud and Dr. Jekyll were together. They also affected the surrounding chaos – Robin Gud then kills the Sheriff of Nottingham with special cruelty, and Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde turned viciously and making fun of him, and on Snow White, offering her a poisoned apple.

However, now they are on the same side and have fought shoulder to shoulder with the numerous enemies – monsters, undead, some frogs, spiders, and with a large gray wolves and other “bosses” that descends upon them the evil storyteller.

Light of my mirror, tell me and cut the enemies!

Battles take place in real time and, as you might guess, rely on the use of unique skills and fighting styles peculiar to each of the company. Robin Gud, of course, accurately and quickly shoot a bow, Dr. Jekyll serves as a “tank” in the melee, and Snow White take medical treatment allies and attack enemies with magic.

Both of Diablo III of , each of the characters has a unique energy. With Snow White is clear – it saves mana and use it to spell. But with the rest of the fun. Robin Gud generates special energy, Flow, when moving, and runs, – the more it supplies the higher critical hit. A Dr. Jekyll poisons their blood (Blood Toxicity), to eventually evolve into a more robust Mr. Hyde.

As you type the characters and levels of experience are stronger and get points in the study of new or “pumping” of existing skills – it’s all kinds of circular punches sighting shots, jumping into the thick of the fight with a sword at the ready, magic storms and so on. Snow White is especially lucky – she is able to throw at enemies poisoned apple, to call on the battlefield magic mirror that reflects the damage, and even the mob of seven essential dwarves who take down everything in its path.

The game has an arena mode where you hold back the waves of enemies and compete with others in the global ranking.


The ability to use skills

Each character in battle can use three ordinary abilities and a super-strength. More options are available, so you have to choose what, where, when activated, and that the “pump”. Benefit every skill is allowed to develop very carefully and add to it the chosen randomly passive bonuses.

In addition, the chests, well tucked away, or remaining on the ground after the murder of powerful enemies and “bosses”, we find magical amulets and rings. The first can be used directly in battle, for example, to instantly heal or summon a pack of wolves. The latter not only improve performance but also generate some useful aura, restore health or, conversely, injuring and slowing enemies.

Initially, however, it all seems odd. The game is played perfectly into itself, and the fairy-tale characters smartly deal with enemies and themselves employ their talents almost without our participation. But the further into the Sherwood Forest, the more dangerous and higher levels come across enemies, the more insidious “bosses” throws vicious storyteller. So you have to actively switch between wards, personally juggle their abilities, changing modes of behavior AI (aggressive, defensive or evasion) and even pereprohodit mission or perform side quests to “pump up”.

A very simple tale

The only pity is that there is almost nothing besides battles. Tales Torn – is uncomplicated action / RPG in the Diablo -style. Passage divided into chapters and the mission, each of which represents the heat from point A to point B with the total destruction of all that comes their way. Distracted and you can roll up, but only to look for some treasure chest.

The opportunity to meet unusual characters, talk or participate in interesting quests? Remember – a maximum of something interesting happening in the text descriptions in between missions. Even the side quests (already two in each chapter!), Here are all the same race on intestiniform levels for the search again chests and rare items.