Torment: Tides of Numenera

In connection with the Tides of Numenera vying commemorate Planescape: Torment . This is good: there is an occasion to evaluate the progress of development, compare detailed study of the worlds, and texts – the first thing that comes to mind – to see in the rejection of the Nameless.

On the other hand, this is bad: both games share almost eighteen years, so to fit the new product with the old-fashioned patterns and evaluate it, using the rule “before the grass was greener, and gameplay – tight”.

And the developers, this approach ensures the Procrustean bed of justice. So imagine if Planescape: Torment has never been. That is all. And there were the veterans of the genre – Brian Fargo (Brian Fargo), Chris Avellone (Chris Avellone) and the company, which decided to revive old.

They rocked so that the dust flew in the face. The first minutes of the Ninth World confusing – if only because the cultural baggage dumped previous eight civilizations on us.

Over a billion years on Earth there were many interesting things: the power of humanity has reached a peak, invented a machine to change the reality of the “wave of the wand in my volition” and then nanopryanichny house imploded wildest in the Middle Ages. With mages knights monsters of the caves paropankovymi airships, slaves combating feudalists and naturally good and evil.

The first force is changing God who uses people as a physical body in skins – just like Agent Smith from “The Matrix”.

Because I do not fool around and not particularly dispersal from scientific research with no arms but the legs. But, unlike a haunting neo-program Gopnik, at the local god it has the ability to grow the body in tubes.

Evil is in the universe Tides of Numenera expressed in Tribulation – is spiked with tentacled monster, as if descended from the pages of stories of HP Lovecraft (Howard Lovecraft). Grief God pursues him and hinted that the death can not be fooled – no matter how hard gallop from shell to shell, she’ll still catch up.

This philosophy of the broken, but it is enough to be the subject of religion and sectarian inhabitants of the Ninth World.

That is why the hero Last Outcast – one of the discarded shells of God looks at local customs-svychai as if from outside.

He starts with a clean slate: it’s easier to understand that the world is divided not into black and white, and aggressive men with weapons – not necessarily enemies. But revelations come after shocks.

Some locations are not nearly spoiled the natives, although their vengeance sawing metal …

Hero flour bag falls from the sky and breaking device, capable in theory saved from the Tribulation. However, the impact on the ground, would be beaten out of any spirit, our Icarus uneasy.

After all, he is immortal, as its creator, – instead of hell, and other unpleasant things, he goes deep into his own mind, from which emerges a reality through the portal. Voila – and he is risen.

Convenient ability to – sorry, it does not eliminate the consequences of what he had done changing God while wandering in the shell of the Outcast. Starting with small dirty tricks like taken “to read” and nevozvraschonnoy book to ever prowl the heels of the Tribulation.

As if that was not enough, we are surrounded by a lot of confusing things, artifacts, lost civilizations, from the size of a swingers house to handheld miracles – those “numener”. Some technologies have been used in Aboriginal – such as rocket-propelled melted metal on the underground plant and robots help people to superintendents rights. Only the majority of devices – not subject to the mind curiosity.

They can communicate, but, at best, a hero scan flashback memories of others and at worst … break the existing in multiple dimensions hours plunged into darkness the whole location; putting his nose into the miracle mirror, calls zombies; touching the wrong terminals, receive discharge electricity.

You never know for sure what is fraught contact with one or another mechanism, but playing for the immortal homunculus and shoving in the experiments: Otherwise, why are we here? Especially Machinery glitters, sparkles and shimmers, as a concert costumeFilippa Kirkorova .