Torment: Tides of Numenera

Fans Planescape: Torment , of course, are comfortable in Torment: Tides of Numenera instantly. Reference to the side in the game progenitor weight: the main character is sometimes referred to Adan, you can find the code in the form of a severed finger, a starting city, Cliffs Sagusa, very much reminiscent of Sigil.

Is that in the burning corpse local bar is not enough, but it successfully replaces the ghostly woman who immediately tries to strangle your hero. And there is poured a drink from which the protagonist is quickly sent to the Graveyard.

In this reference does not end there. Character Tides of Numenera immortal too, like Unnamed of Planescape. Only now he does not consider his immortality something wrong – Last Outcast just do not pay attention to it.

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It may seem that Torment entirely collected from references, but in fact they are here not so much, and they are used carefully – there is absolutely no reason to grumble something in the spirit of “loggerheads piece of the other games, and now are selling as if nothing had happened ! “.

The difference between the wheel and Ninth Plans World is huge, but definitely they are similar only in their own madness.

World Tides of Numenera – is the Earth after hundreds and thousands of years after us. Here intertwines fantasy, science fiction and postapokaliptika – and intertwined so naturally that at first difficult at all to somehow determine the setting.

To realize the irrationality of the universe Torment, little enough to wander around the world and watch the others. As a foundry residents Cliffs Sagusa use huge engines ancient spaceship, and it did not bother. Instead of a water fountain in the town square has a pink fish.

Yes seriously. Aged Robot crippled wants to have children and can not do. The boy, surrounded by a golden glow, beat his butt to the chest and declares that he is – a real hero, and even the airship steals to prove it.

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Last Outcast (or rejection) of your adventure begins loudly, as befits a truly elected. Grohnuvshis from the moon to the earth, the hero comes to life and, of course, realizes that he remembered nothing. Banal exposition continues trivial task – you need to find a single person and to repair a unit.

That’s just pretty quickly it turns into a real race to the death. Perishing fellow, difficult moral decisions and a huge burden of responsibility on the shoulders of the hero – all in the best tradition of classic role-playing. Of course, we love this.

In addition to the storyline, there are a lot of optional tasks, and fortunately many of them do not follow the standard formula “Bring-bring-kill”. And they are so much that during the first pass of the weighty I just missed.

And the reason is simple – part quests can only be opened after the completion of certain tasks, others do have a claim to the floor of the character, and some will automatically terminate if too much time passes.

The majority of jobs there are at least two versions of events – sometimes even disastrous use of the skill or skills in dialogues quest not zaparyval and moves it in a totally unexpected way.

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At the same time perform tasks in one way or another affects the world around us, and sometimes on the plot. Restored the old clock in the town square? The area falls in the eternal night. Fed “portal” predatory city hapless mercenary commander?

Get ready for the fact that he’ll still be met and good obmaterili. We decided to save a little girl from the clutches of traffickers? Know – your good will return to you in the most unexpected moment. And so almost every step.