Everything in our world is interconnected and flows out from one another. All vital invented by the ancient Egyptians, the most popular book written hundreds of years ago, and all subjects eventually reduced to a girl in a red cap, which bears his grandmother cakes and a pot of oil. At the heart of the Ninth World are eight (or god knows how) the previous worlds.
Tides of Numenera production inXile really wants to be like the production of Torment Black Isle Studios, swinging the nose of experienced players references: behold, they say, look, look away! Consumed by doubts after the Tides of Numenera I opened the old foreign review of Planescape: Torment, read the phrase “lack of multiplayer is disappointing,” and I realized that we were left alone with sadness.

What is worth one life? Or what it means. And what does it mean if you have lived it? Or her, and very similar to it. Only better. Tides of Numenera very much relies on the player’s imagination, but in fact the imagination – such a thing … how shall I say?

Not particularly controlled. Sitting somewhere in California, even when deserved writer, it is very difficult to make a simple CRPG fan on the other side of the world to imagine exactly what you need. For example, Tides of Numenera’s not for nothing is called «Torment».

This bait, fat worm wriggling. Yes, fat (a) ha, you’re waiting for this for a long time. And waited. Or wait? This is destiny? No, rather it a joke. At the destination of the sword, as they say, two prongs: one of them – Torment, but the second …

In front of me is not necessary tasks specifically write any nonsense, so it seemed tricky, on the contrary – I strongly blame this approach, which is already there a soul twist, sometimes seen in the most Tides of Numenera.

But! It is important to understand that this is not a simple game, it is pointless meticulously disassemble the components of the boring, dry concludes that, they say, turn boevka something as it was so-so, and remained.

Yes, the two-stage moves are “do something, runs a little” look funny and vulgar, but are not they all have some weight when measured game called Torment ? Common sense dictates “no trifles” Sadness whispers “no.”

In fairness, I note that both those fights is actually not here. Of all the artificial terms that Tides of Numenera packed to capacity, “crisis” is probably more appropriate to rest, as the battle are necessarily part of the crisis, but every crisis is devoted to battles.

By and large, the crisis – an episode when the game switches from real-time turn-based mode, and you need something to achieve. Killing enemies, persuading them or doing something else.

Yes, blows exchange process does not cause much response, but the very concept of crisis is definitely good.

In this, perhaps, it is one of the main and norovyaschih escape the attention of the player advantages Tides of Numenera: she really tries to surprise, to offer something new.

Honestly, but not always. And not at all. Therefore, the ending of the game made me an indescribable storm of emotions that it would be wrong to characterize the banal mixture of pleasure and disappointment.

In the same nine world too there is a flat world scale – good or bad you? It’s hard to say, but the stream you obviously red! It would be funny as elegantly evade responsibility by placing Tides of Numenera as an estimate of a triangle or a cuboid, but I still try to explain why this game is pleasing and disappointing at the same time.

Veterans of Planescape: Torment has had to understand that tightened entry in page length came here not by accident.

Well, that the release Tides of Numenera came with virtually no bugs (just one day, I noticed how the bodies of those killed in battle were crawling on the floor) and quite comfortable, although not very nice interface. And yet not without problems. And the problems have inXile primarily with the plot. More precisely – with the narration.

Problems are seen even in the general outline of the history of adventure The Last Outcast. Mysterious creature falls from the sky, he did not know anything about the world and practically can not really die.

Ninth World – not D & D. It’s so unreal fantasy that other fantasy turn green with envy. Delightfully unreal.

With interdimensional megachudischami within which full of life, there is a fortress, inhabited by people and bad people.

With our co-worker Kallistezh which is never alone, because it is always accompanied by its own “I” of other realities. With the ability to get into someone’s skin in a relatively distant past, thus changing the present. With nationals of the city, who are obliged to sacrifice one year of his life to create the security forces.

Ninth World – not D & D. It’s so unreal fantasy that other fantasy turn green with envy. Delightfully unreal.

And on top of all this – the next (in fact) Unnamed, which is (in fact) seeks to answer the simple question “what’s going on, then?”. I want to emphasize: Planescape: Torment – a great game, but it does not mean that from her “spiritual heirs” wait P: T- «fan fiction” rather than plot.

Because predictability sad. Even with the accents, arranged otherwise, the new game is very much wants to be like the old one. And the expected denouement Tides of Numenera frustrating and that is stronger: the game is dedicated to decision-making, eventually ending choice of ending in a “final boss” dialog.

Not for the first time, of course, but that’s just the point that is already . That means one life, if the next life is not to draw conclusions from its mistakes? Nothing.