Dune 2 production could start in 2022 – if the sequel is approved

Director “Dunes” Denis Villeneuve said he was ready to start filming the sequel as early as 2022 – if the studio approves the production of the sequel.

Villeneuve already knows which events from the original novel will be included in the second film, so he doesn’t need to think long about creating the tape. And the author wants to embody the remaining plot on the screen as early as possible – the author himself called the first film a “snack”.

At the same time, the director added that, ideally, he would like to film the second book of the cycle, “Messiah of Dune”, for which he will need the third picture in the series.

However, even if Warner Bros. will give the go-ahead for the creation of a sequel, a lot of time will be spent on the work of artists and other team members. Therefore, filming is unlikely to start at the very beginning of 2022.

But whether the film will receive a sequel is one of the most popular questions on the network. Not so long ago, the first reviews of the debut tape appeared, for the most part they turned out to be positive.

But at the same time, many authors noted that due to the division of the plot, the film lacks a point or at least a sense of completeness. In addition, Dune needs to hit its $ 165 million budget.

The premiere of the film in the Russian box office will take place soon – on September 16. And on October 22, the picture will be released on HBO Max.

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