Top 5 of the best AppGallery games worth paying attention to

Brand store AppGallery continues to evolve, filled with new applications and games. In this collection, we have compiled a list of the most popular and interesting projects of the store, which are worth paying attention to if you already have (or are just planning to purchase) a modern smartphone Huawei.

Asphalt 9: Legends

  • Gameloft
  • Arcade Racing
  • Shareware game

Asphalt 9: Legends

The most beautiful racing game on smartphones, in which you can spend hundreds of hours passing a single-player career and taking part in online competitions with other players. Trails run all over the world. There are neon streets of Shanghai, sunny San Francisco, the snowy Himalayas, gloomy Scotland, Japan during sakura blossom and many others.

Casual players can use a simplified control system, activating drift and acceleration in time. And hardcore drivers – steer on their own.

Bleeding a car with the collection of parts and a cool soundtrack are included.

The project supports several graphic modes, allowing you to choose between performance, balance and high detail. Therefore, in Asphalt 9 you can comfortably play both the owners of budget smartphones, such as Huawei P40 lite E, and flagships of the level of Huawei P40 Pro.

The game immediately has a translation into Russian.


  • Epic games
  • Third-Person Shooter / Battle Royale / Sandbox
  • Shareware game


Incredibly popular royal battle from Epic games can be downloaded through the company launcher, which is located in the AppGallery store.

The idea is quite simple – you and other players go to a picturesque island with stylized cartoon graphics on a flying bus to land and start looking for items of equipment, weapons and resources.

Your goal is to survive in the war for the territory, which is constantly narrowing due to the impending storm.

A unique feature of Fortnite is the ability to build shelters, which distinguishes the project from other games of the genre.

You must understand that the shooter from Epic Games is very demanding on the power of iron, so it will not work on all smartphones. At least he needs a gadget with 4 GB of RAM.

All menus are in Russian.

World of tanks blitz

  • Wargaming
  • Third-Person Shooter / Strategy
  • Shareware game

World of tanks blitz

Another hit, but this time from Belarus. It repeats almost exactly the computer version, but on more compact maps of 500×500 meters and with touch control, which was done specifically to optimize the gameplay as part of mobile gaming.

World of Tanks Blitz offers tactical tank battles in atmospheric locations in the setting of the Second World War, where you in a team of seven people must confront other players.

There are several classes to choose from, each with its own indicators of armor, speed and damage. Fast tanks explore the area and highlight the enemy squad, while the rest shoot them from a safe distance.

Your goal is to destroy the enemy squad or capture the base.

Winning matches, you pump a branch of technology, discovering new models of tanks. Developers are constantly updating the game, adding new features and special events.

Blitz is very popular, so the matches are in a couple of seconds at any time of the day.

In addition, the game is perfectly optimized and works at maximum graphics settings with improved textures and sound, even on budget models.

World of Tanks Blitz goes completely in Russian.

Cut the rope

  • ZeptoLab
  • Puzzle
  • Shareware game

Cut the rope

Classics of the mobile puzzle genre from Moscow studio ZeptoLab fully present in the AppGallery. The game tells about a hungry little dinosaur named Om Nom, which must be fed with candy, collecting gold stars along the way.

Cut the Rope is based on the laws of physics, offering to cut ropes and burst soap bubbles so that the lollipops sway within the screen, fly through the stars and eventually reach the mouth of a funny character.

With each level, the complexity grows a little, and the game counts the progress and gives statistics in the intervals between levels.

The game has Russian language.

Lords mobile

  • Igg
  • Strategy / MMORPG
  • Shareware game

Lords mobile

A popular strategy with elements of an online role-playing game suggests building your magic kingdom and expanding its territory.

In Lords Mobile, you build fortresses and all kinds of buildings, and then pump them, gaining access to new technologies, troops and items that allow you to protect your city from enemy attacks.

Players can unite in guilds and ask each other for help, which significantly helps in the development of the castle.

Additional subjects bring exploration of the dungeons and the study of territories on a map of the world where huge dragons must be wary.

The game looks nice and pleases with beautiful music, while it does not require powerful hardware, so you can play even on inexpensive models of smartphones.

The text and menu in the game are in Russian.

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