Top 10 pups in gaming

This week’s Top 10 will focus on those goofy, yet lovable pups in gaming who warm our hearts every time we press play. The dogs that are there to help us through each and every mission, puzzle and or stage without a doubt as to whether they will help you out or not. Even in a virtual space, these dogs only want to please their owners and be told that they are the best of good dogs and today, we count down the ten best virtual dogs in gaming who deserve to get all the belly rubs and treats in the world for their love and affection as well as their help in the games they are in.

10 – Chop – Grand Theft Auto V

We start our list of good boys with none other than Chop, the ferocious but loyal rottweiler from Grand Theft Auto V. The pup will help you cause terror through Los Santos as well as help you on the occasional mission. His loyalty is unmatched and his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, even to the point where you can reward Chop by having “fun” with other dogs. It must be good to be this bad of a dog.

9 – Sam the Dog – Sam and Max

This good boy can do more than simple tricks as Sam the Dog also solves crimes on a daily basis. The freelancer cop has enjoyed the spotlight in many different forms with having his own comic book series, television show, and even video game franchise. The adventures of Sam and Max has led them to many graphic novel based video games, all in which being well received by critics and fans alike, making this one smart and versatile pup.

8 – Parappa the Rapper – Parappa the Rapper

Parappa the Rapper is essentially what you get when you mix a game like Rhythm Heaven and a game like Guitar Hero. It is zany, yet technical, odd, yet fun. The art style is taking straight out of a Saturday morning Nickelodeon cartoon while eating your Applejacks (yes I love those) all while getting taught some kid friendly raps.

7 – KK Slider – Animal Crossing

From rapping to country music to all out super star musician, KK Slider does it all in Animal Crossing. It doesn’t matter which venue he is playing in, as long as the people show up and listen to his tunes. The music star has become one of the more famous Animal Crossing characters, (besides Isabel for some odd…reason) which is hard to do since the series has so many villagers found throughout each and every game.

6 – Poochy – Yoshi’s Island

Now, Poochy isn’t your conventional dog. He’s durpy, hard to tame and sometimes unhelpful, but damn is he ever cute! All he wants to do is help Yoshi on his adventure in any way possible and he does try his hardest to give it his all, even if that means putting you into a bottomless pit. It is too hard to stay mad at the pooch as even though he may get you in trouble at times, he will always be there to give you a hand when you need it.

5 – Dogmeat – Fallout 4

Which other companion would you want wandering the desolate world of a post-apocalyptic world riddled with radiation and mutants? Dogmeat will help players embark on their journey in the lands of what used to be Boston in which he will help you fend off against rebels, ghouls and everything else that the wastelands have to offer. Wandering the deserted plains of the world seem far less lonely with Dogmeat at your side.

4 – Rush – Mega Man

What makes a dog even cooler? Why being a cyborg dog of course! Rush from the Mega Man franchise helps the Blue Bomber in his adventure taking down Dr.Wily and his robot army by helping Mega Man reach new heights, literally. This alone has made Rush one of the more popular characters in the franchise and the beloved robot companion is still loved by many gamers, even after the many years.

3 – Riley – Call of Duty: Ghosts

Now, our best friends will usually say that they would take a bullet for you, but Riley in Call of Duty: Ghosts actually took one in the final missions leading up to the shooter title. Sure Call of Duty: Ghosts was a lackluster title in the long running first person shooter franchise, but it did have its fair share of moments and Riley was the highlight of many. Having more personality than many of the basic cookie cutter soldiers, Riley took down many bad guys and helped you in many missions making him one of the (sadly) more developed characters in the game.

2 – Duck Hunt Dog – Duck Hunt

The original dog of gaming, the Duck Hunt Dog is a charismatic yet jerk of a hunting dog who will taunt you at no end. Plugged in with the NES Zapper, you would have to shoot down ducks, but miss one and the Duck Hunt Dog will make sure to let you know how much of a scrub of a hunter you really are. His merciless laughter still haunts many gamers dreams, and it was only made worse when he and his friends in both the duck and the Zapper joined Smash Bros., where he could taunt a new generation of players with his maniacal sneers.

1 – Walt – Valiant Heart: The Great War

There is no game that had me bowled over in tears more than Valiant Hearts: The Great War, even the reveal trailer had me sobbing. Walt, the Dog Medic has seen many friends come and go and the many tragedies of the Great War pass by, but his kind soul and the readiness to serve and please his friends through these awful times always brought a smile to the player… through the tears of course, which is why Walt takes our number one pick as the best dog in gaming.

No matter which pupper you think is the best of boys, we can all agree that gaming dogs are awesome and amazing. Which dog had you wanting to play fetch with? Any other pups you wished made it onto this week’s Top 10? Let us know in the comment section below as to which virtual dogs you think should be getting the biggest bones and belly rubs and as always, stay tuned for more weekly Top 10’s each Friday