Tome: Inmortal Arena

The MOBA are, every time, a more recurrent genre within the videogame market. Many of the large and small companies are trying to gain a foothold in this very popular territory that, on the other hand, begins to suffer from severe symptoms of saturation due to having too

The Witcher Adventure

many titles in their ranks in a very short time for a playable bet that, in In many cases, it hardly changes and is different from the more or less veteran titles that


are referents in this type of games. Among all these games that come to the market ready to compete with LoL , DOTA 2 or Heroes of Newerth we find a very particular one that last Friday November 21 landed on Steam, the Valve download platform.


osiric_1.png screenshotIts name is Tome: Immortal Sand and, instead of betting on curling the curl and adding thousands of different details to the already


known and similar mechanics in most of the MOBA, what it does is offer us simpler, frenetic and accessible mechanics for all the players in addition to starting times quite shorter than those of most games in the genre.


And it is that Kixeye, creators of the title, have preferred to focus on fast and simple games that bet more on fun and that seek to save players’ time by eliminating advanced or tedious mechanics that we will explain during the following lines.

As we say, Take: Immortal Arena eradicates at a stroke several of the classic mechanics of all the MOBAs, something that may not like the most veteran or hardcore players, but that will undoubtedly please beginners in the genre or the players that do not have time to play long and strategic games, turning the title into a good doorway to the genre.

We will notice these changes at the beginning of the game, when we see how the classic streets of the MOBA are considerably reduced in size. The so recurrent jungle (a land between the main lines of the game) is also affected by this cut, reducing to a few corridors and a small circle in the center of the map where we will find an enemy of both sides that will give us a bonus if we manage to eliminate it.


This makes the meetings between the players more frequent and more difficult to hide from the enemy, betting, as in each and every one of the general sections of Tome, more for the action than for the strategy.

TOME: Immortal Arena (PC) screenshot

As it is so difficult not to meet an opponent in such a small territory, let’s talk about the main changes in the use of skills of the up to 20 champions that are available in the game right now (a number perhaps too small compared to others titles but easily extendable in the coming dates). In this sense, Tome again breaks all the rules eliminating at a stroke all that concerns the mana or derivatives, which normally allowed us to execute a technique if we had sufficient magical power.

Instead of watching this usual bar as a general rule what we should do in Tome is simply wait for the technique in question to recover from its cooldown (increasing the same to more powerful is the ability) to rerun, without have to have an eye on how much magic we have left to execute the next movement. This also favors the players to use these skills not only with the champions of the


rival team, but also invites us to use them with the minions, those little monsters that help us open up to the enemy territory. These minions, by the way, take only 5 seconds to appear since the game starts, making it add even more quickly to the already thrilling pace of the game.

tome_immortal_arena_1.jpg ScreenshotTOME: Immortal Arena (PC) screenshot