Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

On the slopes of the narrative
Our ultimate goal, as is constantly recalled by the videos, starting from the introductory one, is to defeat El Sueno, head of the Santa Blanca sign, the only institution to hold power in the country. Unidad, in fact, a state police, is opposed only to the façade of the cartridges of the cartel, enabling him any kind of business without being hindered. Obviously, there are also the rebels who, though driven by a noble sentiment, do not have the strength to oppose the totalitarian regime. In this context, we are the executive arm of an American government that has decided to intervene and liberate the nation.
The story is developed in its entirety through the missions we will be faced with and can be enriched with particulars and additional information through the dossiers that we will find on several footage while exploring the game map.
This particular structure has enabled developers to set up a narrated but essentially non-priority narrative in the overall picture of the experienc
e. If we were to pay attention to the texts we would have found them well done, with plenty of special and continuous manifestations of the study behind us, but several times, at the end of a mission, we would be brought to the next by the
gameplay structure rather than the information obtained by going to identify in our Tactical Map our first and only reference. The system adapts wonderfully to the requirements of the “open-world missions” format, but unfortunately fails to make us interested in the
events of Ghost Recon Wildlands and of the different buchones, the lieutenants of El Sueno and in transmitting the same dramatic charge that screen images associated with the phenomenon of narcotics should be aroused in us.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
A Bolivia to find out
The same attention has been given to making a Bolivia on a very large scale that recalls every sight and sight the real counterpart, which allows us to find statues of the sacred muerte scattered around the playground, as well as useful mountain trails to take us on top of them. T
he variety of the map leaves no room for criticism, as the different zones, under the influence of the same buchones, are represented by biomass among them. The paved road system does not go through all the map so that it can be reached everywhere, although often the bends that brush the mountain slopes are easier to resort to helicopters and planes.
The activities to be carried out, insofar as they are of
a variety of different types, always apply to the classical model divided into the stages of scouting, risk assessment, plan and action structure. Some require a stealth approach as they must be executed in the shadow and without attracting the attention of enemies, while others allow a more dynamic development. One is not exclusive to the other, provided they are coordinated with their teammates. The synchronized sh
ot, for example, works great in both single and cooperative mode and allows quick resolution of an enemy patrol. After the initial discovery and after analyzing all the different types of mission, the real fulcrum of fun will be found mainly in inventing new tactics with their comrades, in order to trigger a higher level of difficulty or speed up the resolution of tasks . The covers, located on the entire surface of the map, make it possible to position itself anywhere; only a few weak points leave access to the most secure bastions, and to dictate the toughest assaults there will be quite “guided” movements.
During the match you can face the missions offered by the team members, regardless of the point reached in the story from either one or the other, to further facilitate matchmaking opportunities.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
How much experience changes in single or multi
In this regard, it seems right to dedicate our attention to the big difference that separates single player mode from that coop. When we face the offline or volunteering adventure in single, we always have three comrades governed by artificial intelligence. As far as it is possible to give them basic guidance, we will hardly be able to exploit them for other activities in addition to a syn
chronized stroke, additional firepower, and sometimes marking enemies on the minimap; Let us therefore forget a good cover, a diversion, or a combined incursion.
Having friends to count on is therefore crucial to making the game play all its potential, since Ghost Recon Wildlands’ tactics often reside in managing the multiple criticalities of a mission of infiltration or recovery. The more you are, the more you have the situation under control so much that you see the game radically change under your eyes if you face it in two, three or four.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Enhancements for all tastes
The evolution of the character and with him also that of his arsenal, go hand in hand with exploring the map. Discovering new areas and then running the proposed main and secondary missions makes us step up and then acquire skill points, otherwise obtainable by reaching special places reported on the tactical map. Along with these we will find inventories of f
our different types, each useful to unlock or enhance skills. You are thus led to specialize in a category to contribute in the best way at a certain stage of your team’s assaults. Unfortunately, a good advance between the branches of the skills tree will only be needed against the strongest buchones and the higher d
ifficulty levels, and the same applies to weapons.Too many and customizable in the smallest details so as to better adapt to each player’s role and style of play, but the differences they come to perceive them only by bringing to the extreme the difficulty and calibrating every detail of the mission’s detail. If we were looking for a lesser level of challenge it would still be possible to enjoy this without constantly repeating the preparation phase.
Given the above assumptions, it is inevitable that the longevity factor, excluding the time spent on completing the adventure, is fairly variable. Exploring the whole map by tackling all of the missions that come under the shot could make literally endless experience, but w
ithout proper tactics it could also easily fall into a difficult title and thus boredom. In fact, the game offers unbeatable fun to create a situation that can enhance it, including: cooperative mode, difficult difficulty level up and partial or complete disabling of game HUD.
Technically, Ghost Recon Wildlands (both on PS4 and PS4 Pro), as anticipated in the current  (which we strongly recommend to retrieve the dedicated paragraph), unfortunately confirms some technical shortcomings, especially in graphic glitches, some problems in the com
ing out of the covers and in matchmaking problems. Luckily the gaming engine offers so many other things that balance the value of production, such as a great graphic impact, impressive map width, zero loads and a denseness of outposts and npc enviable.
We find the Italian dubbing very good, which makes justice to the characters of the game, of which Luca Ward is crowned spokeswoman in the shoes of El Sueno we will
often hear on the radio during our travels to Bolivia. Also great is the soundtrack, which rides South American sounding to better contextize the already well-made gaming world.