TMNT: From the Shadows

The mythical Turtle Power by Partners In Kryme sounds in the first main menu of the new production of Red Fly Studios and the Activision label , producing catastrophically below expectations in virtually all aspects despite this opening song. Where were the times of the 16 bits we wonder many when we see this type of aberrations remade brands that once gave us great action adventures and platforms that even today, two decades later, are still superior in quality to these reboots.


The Ninja Turtlesare the last to suffer this annoying parody that is beginning to be as much recycling of classic sagas to adapt them to a mediocre 3D that neither behaves visually nor deepens its playable mechanics. If a few days ago we commented disappointed the


unbearable new Flashback , now TMNT: From the Shadows makes it even worse, in a search of a dark and faithful to the current Nickelodeon channel series that remains in a pathetic attempt to stand on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC an at least entertaining beat’em up. It does not achieve even that.

In format download through the Xbox Live Marketplace, PSNetwork Store or Steam, the always charismatic Donatello, Raphael, Michelangello and Leonardo have their own personalized game style for each one with differences coming from the weapon that characterizes them. Leonardo is the older brother and the one who with his swords will give more play to the rookies, while Raphael understands perhaps a handling and timingof blows something


more sophisticated. Something. Here these differences hardly exist once the game is deepened in the mediocre little depth that it has. Although it is clear that the tridents of Raphael and his forcefulness do not resemble the blows that move and demand the rapid nunchacos



of Michelangello or the reach of the cane of Donatello, in general From the Shadows is similar we choose the turtle that we choose. All the time that lasts -not much- the combats are chloric and uninspired, against enemies not only idiots but with an AI full of errors that fills the game with behavioral bugs and occasional trips.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (360) screenshot

Shredder in its worst shadow
The streets of New York , now in three-dimensional design, are once again the environment that the mutant turtles will visit to end Shredder’s plans.


The game in singleplayer allows the change from one to another at any time, with a touch of button and without pausing the game. The cooperativeFour places on the same screen seemed an attraction. Well no, playing in the company makes the games even more uncomfortable and misdirected. There are attacks directly superior to others and those that we will abuse, sometimes leaving nothing to our fellow felons.


The flat and empty design of the stages does not help to give play to all participants, and of course creates an intolerable repetition of battles in the genre


of cakes today. Not bad is the system of chaining of blows, with combos varied according to the position of the character that can even take advantage of any wall, post, lamppost or corner of the stage to push it and do kicks with somersault, circular or draw a better semicircle with your weapon This works well.

The tone of the game tries to be mature, dark, and for that reason it resorts to bosses that we would not see in a title of infantile court. This does not mean that they are original, arduous, demanding or intelligent leaders. The basic and redundant mechanics of the


title are especially evident in these combats, which are not interesting or even fair. It does not seem that the damages or the scopes have been well measured and we will often see that our turtle loses its bar of life even when it is under cover.


The elusive and the defense are not always a reliable command and using them creates frustration when they do not work. This is compounded by the coarseness


of most actions, which except the chains of prolonged attacks never have the fluidity required today to such a production. It can be considered a machacabotones without too much rhythm or variety.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: From the Shadows (360) Screenshot

The darker turtles
The Unreal Engine 3 is not well exploited or optimized in this case. It is a very poor visual result that begins manifesting in the unreal gleams of the bodies of the turtles and the enemies or in the feeling of emptiness and little detail of all environments, quite similar to


each other and with little identity. There is a permanent tearing protagonist. It could have been used to teach more places than appeared in the homonymous series or even to include a wink or reference to the classic TMNT that many remember. This realistic look does not feel good to the protagonists worse, much worse with a poor graphic result in its virtual version in video game.


The animations they are very few and the rivals seem lifeless puppets, falling in the same way always and even piercing each other. It is a feote game, and I had remedy with a little more work on characters and scenarios. The cinematicsequences , a


nodyne as they are, reflect this even better. And as a climax to regret, the static screens in comic format, which give the feeling that there was no more money, time or desire to make animated cinematic