Titanfall: IMC Rising

Titanfall receives the latest downloadable content provided by Respawn Entertainment. As usual in games focused on competitive multiplayer, the expansion in DLC


format comes with new maps that expand the experience in new locations. So it happened with the two previous downloadable content and so it happens with IMC Rising , three new scenarios in which to fight based on titans, parkour and all kinds of weapons.


Again, yes, Respawn’s proposal in what DLC refers to comes with certain contrasts: brilliance in the offered, but can know little.

At a price of 9.99 euros or with a discount if the season pass is purchased for 24.99 euros (where the three DLCs come) you can buy IMC Rising , a pack that is set at a plot level in the midst of the progress made. by the IMC. The locations are nothing more than places where


this faction reconditions old secret installations to recover its military industrial complex. The objective of the IMC, deployed to pursue deserters from their own side before they indicate to the Militia the precise coordinates of their facilities. The three maps (Rural, Zone 18 and Sand Trap) are available on PC and Xbox One and will arrive later on Xbox 360 .

Titanfall: IMC Rising (360) screenshot

Titanfall: IMC Rising (360) IllustrationTitanfall: IMC Rising (360) Illustration

Zone 18It stands out above all for the distribution of this map. At an aesthetic level, it resembles some that we have already seen in the original game, but its distribution is most interesting. It has open courtyard spaces where titans must face without compromise,


while around the edges is full of medium-sized buildings. These buildings allow us to identify two important combat points: one is their interior and the ambushes that

can be generated in these points; the other are the roofs. We can travel much of the map in a circular way through rooftops, some more collected and ideal for snipers and others with open spaces that leave us sold to the titans. In fact, the titans are the real kings of this modality because of the open spaces and the size of the map.

Sand trap on the other hand is visually appealing because it is a night map in which there are large sandy wastelands in the middle of different buildings.


The long viewing distance we have – the buildings are not too high – allows us to take advantage of the sniper’s benefits and exploit the potential of the titans at medium distance, capable of eliminating enemies that are more exposed to the bill. In addition,


it has some roads that serve to surprise the enemy team in the back and also ideal lower levels. The map itself reminds in part of Demeter , but without structures as huge as the location.

Titanfall: IMC Rising (360) screenshot

Finally we have   Rural , an area full of vegetation and buildings and huge structures that allow us to enjoy the parkour to move through high levels and reach places on the top of the stage lethal to enemies. Here the buildings are at least two stories high and are located in such a way that they blend perfectly with the scenery and vegetation. So you enter the window through a building as you exit through the back door and you are climbing a mountain in search of new enemies.


It has an average size, the titans have options to surprise by the distribution of elements that allow us, also with titans, to climb to higher areas and crush other titans from that point. Surely it is the most varied and versatile map of the three that are available in thisDLC .

The highlight of the maps is again its design , which manages to adapt to the game modes available in Titanfall. Surely elements such as parkour are not exploited in maps as well as Zone 18, but it is still an important tool at certain times. Of course,


we continue missing as it did with the other DLC the presence of extras that make more attractive the downloadable: for example weapons or more ways designed for these same DLCs. In this sense, Respawn remains conservative despite the fact that it has released free updates with interesting news.