Titanfall has become one of the great games of this 2014 thanks to its explosive and direct gameplay. First-person shooter fans are in luck with the title of PC, Xbox One and 360 that receives new downloadable content this week: Frontier’s Edge.


The second DLC of the three planned in the season pass provides three new maps to expand the gaming experience in exchange for 9.90 euros or no cost within the payment of 24.90 euros of the season pass. In total, a download of 1.98 gigs that has also been accompanied since yesterday by a new update that brings novelties to the game.

The plot of this Frontier’s Edge is not too secret. The IMC needs new raw materials and decides to launch a series of attacks on isolated settlements tremendously important for the resources found in these places. The militia troops can only try to stop


this frontal attack in Excavación, a mining area where they are working. The action will also be transferred to Export, a port city that the IMC wants to control. Finally, when the attacks of the enemies advance, the militia troops only have to defend themselves in Refugio, a place that they must keep standing, whatever they may be.

Titanfall - Frontier & # 039; s Edge (360) screenshot

Titanfall - Frontier & # 039; s Edge (360) screenshotTitanfall - Frontier & # 039; s Edge (360) screenshotTitanfall - Frontier & # 039; s Edge (360) screenshot

Excavation is the darker tone map that we will see of the three, since it places us in the middle of mining works. This means that there is a large structure in the center of the map with adjoining buildings all surrounded by diverse mountains.


This map stands out especially for its large outdoor areas and for having several high points from which to surprise enemies. Any place that we want to visit of Excavation has at least two roads, so it is difficult to stay safe in any area of ​​them.


Of course, the highest points are ideal to surprise the titans, who can move through the entirety of the scenario without problems. The interior structures of buildings do not have too many surprises except the central structure, which is somewhat more complex.

Export is surely the most conservative map of the three. It is a city with a large number of buildings with one and two floors, various roofs to which we can access and some interior


walkways ideal for ambushes. It has two large roads at its ends from which we can look for the rearguard of the enemies, with the particularity that in one of them there are some electrical sparks that can settle us if we are in the middle of the electricity festival when it is activated.


The central square has frantic and open battles, and although it is true that we have seen maps with structures and mechanics similar to this one, Export earns many integers in ways like capturing the flag or hardpoint, since the bases of both modes offer many opportunities both in attack as in defense.

Titanfall - Frontier & # 039; s Edge (360) screenshot

The last of the three maps is Refugio , a visual spectacle since it looks like a five-star resort but in a big way. Huge tall buildings are added to the bay and sand on the sides as we remember. This allows us two things: on the one hand, spectacular outdoor battles because there are many different levels of height (the titans suffer from the beautiful). Another, because in the internal battles


one gains in scale also: the buildings are so big that the hallsand living quarters we have many secrets, entrances and exits. Mini battles are created within the game itself. Windows, roofs, hiding places … an ideal place to surprise the enemies and to be surprised, since any


roof, however far it may seem, can be our tomb for a concrete fact, which is reached from several different points. Few places are safe on this map, which requires constantly moving and watching our back no matter how safe we ​​think we are.