Titan Souls

A decade ago, Fumito Ueda and his team of geniuses gave us an authentic masterpiece called Shadow of the Colossus. A title with so much visual and playable force that ten years later is still remembered and only ages in its visual aspect, never in the

Crypt of the Necrodancer

playable, since the formula they proposed was as unique as it was personal: A wanderer in a strange land facing a series of colossus in order to restore the life of a girl. For this we had basic weapons such as a sword and a bow with arrows, and our ability to analyze each final boss, detect their patterns and decipher the way to find their weak points.


That was all, a character against some colossi. And that’s what the indie Titan Souls raises in his premise: A character against a series of Final Leaders. Without phases of by means, without intermediate levels of minor enemies. Only us and the Final Bosses, hidden in houses to access after wandering through an isometric and pure pixel-art mapping.


Born from a premise conceived in 72 hours by a trio of friends for an event, the Souls of its title brings it closer to the From Software saga by the fact that dying


quickly and continuously is a constant, be it us or the enemy. Because we will die many times, although it is also possible that we spend several bosses in a single pull in just seconds, showing the two extremes that Titan Souls can reach.

Titan Souls (OSX) screenshotTitan Souls (OSX) screenshot

The gameplay is as basic as having two buttons, one to dodge rolling and running, and another to launch an arrow that can return to us if we keep the button pressed, which actually provides two types of attack. And the gameplay is to reach the enemy, study their patterns and place ourselves in that ideal position that all scenarios have to shoot an arrow that will kill him


with a single touch. Because everything in this game is reduced to one: They can kill us in one fell swoop, we can charge the enemy with a single shot.


Sometimes we find some titans that resist – the brain in the mucus pomp, you will see what happens if we fail a lot – and others that the key is on the stage – the one of the walls and the poison. But always remember that tensing the bow requires us to stay still,

Titan Souls (OSX) screenshot

It is clear that the premise of ‘killshot’ for both sides of the equation will divide users and impatience those who hate to die in one fell swoop, but the truth is that this title may seem as difficult as suddenly to see for ourselves. which is just the opposite:


Extremely easy. Everything in Titan Souls depends on two factors: Timing and placement. Learning the patterns of the titans is the first part of the fight, but these will only reveal their weak point in just a fraction. If we are badly placed,


we will not succeed and we will have to keep rolling, waiting for the right occasion. If we are in the right place and we hit with the exact timing, a fight in which we have died 30 times in a row becomes a battle in which in one fell swoop we kill giants. In fact, sometimes


it may be a few seconds after it starts. There will be who sude blood with a few and suddenly pass several without dying, which makes the extreme of this proposal does not create a balanced game. In fact, that is his grace and he does not hide it at all.