Timberborn’s Beaver Strategy Coming To Early Access In September – review Addiction

It took longer than the Polish studio expected Mechanistry, but the “boberpunk” urban planning strategy Timberborn the premiere date finally appeared. The game will be released in early access Steam September 15th and will be on sale at a release discount.

During Future games show the developers showed a new trailer for Timberborn, in which the beavers blame people for everything that happened to the planet: after the climate catastrophe, the beaver civilization reigned on Earth. They are talented builders, hydraulic engineers and carpenters, so their cities with vertical architecture are not much inferior to human ones.

In early access, players will have access to two factions of beavers: one focuses on agriculture and nature conservation, while the second prefers rapid industrialization. Each has its own set of special missions.

Players will have to set up a beaver village to cope with the ever-increasing heat and drought. For now, this will be the only limitation of the gameplay. But there will be many more ways to handle water and even build under it.

The creators of Timberborn told about the features of the two playable factions in a special trailer.

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