Through the Woods

The game takes place in our days. Mom with son go by car in the city, to the rivers and forests of the west coast of Norway, but soon the boy steals some guy on the boat.

Demented mother catches behind them in cold water and eventually come to the shore to strange island.

And there waiting for her revived legends and myths of Scandinavia, led by a huge wolf Fenrir, who, as it turns out, every five years, bring children as a sacrifice to the son of Loki and angrboða ripped his chains and did not accept all of Ragnarok.

However, the Norwegian women who are so severe that the right hat, jacket and backpack can swim a couple of kilometers in the icy water, no overweening Fenrir.

Our mother-heroine escapes from the huge trolls, shining a flashlight in the face of some creature with a tail and waved the torch before the muzzles of huge wolves, so that they did not approach and not eaten it. And give up the slack, but when singing witch Hel shows her on the moor scenes from family life, reminding about what a bad mother she was.

That is, the authors make this mythological devilry and more social commentary about modern family relationships.

Through the Woods review

Yes, still in the game a few times you need to wave a torch.


A writer lifted the bear …

It would seem that everything in Through the Woods on the spot – and mysticism, and mythology, and current implications. Plus the island – a paradise for lovers of all Scandinavian.

There is stunning scenery, dark, true north woods, deep rivers, caves, grottos and huge rune stones. A settlement that we meet along the way, seems to be directly descended from the paintings, books and films about the Vikings – in as much detail and they authentically recreated. And all this – under atmospheric music.

And yet completely dissolved in this atmosphere prevented several things at once. For example, different story of stupidity and absurdity, which immediately grabs and besides heroic female swims in the cap.

There are epic hole list that we will not, so as not to produce spoilers, and small idiocy like the scene at the very beginning when the mother waiting for her son urinating in the toilet (very atmospheric horror start to agree!).

And the closer to the finale, she reads the note, warning that somewhere in the swamps of the aforementioned witch lives Hel. And wildly surprised: “Come on, can not be, it’s probably some kind of joke.” Yeah, and that twenty minutes ago, you ran away from the troll and spoke with two wolves, begging them to you is not eaten – this seems to be par for the course.

The main character in general often irritates his impenetrable stupidity, which slips in her remarks and arguments. In addition, they sounded very sluggish and inexpressive, which reinforces hostility to the mountain-mummy.

Through the Woods review

For the artists and designers certainly have no complaints!


Run, Mom, run!

Another problem Through the Woods lies in the gameplay. More precisely, in its almost complete absence. Yes, trolls, witches and wolves occasionally did catch up fear. Especially when you gently through the forest kradoshsya nervously shining a flashlight in different directions so as not to wake the time of the attack. But they still need to reach along the way without dying of boredom. One of Steam users have written about it so that it is better not say (the author’s punctuation preserved): “What’s next? And then you run through the woods … run … run … run and then !!! And then nothing happens, and you will again run … run … run … run … reaches the rock, where no further run, and you turn around. Farther? Then you run again, only in the opposite direction … and run … and beige … “