Three worlds on posters and in the story trailer Paradise Lost – Igromania

Polish studio PolyAmorous continues to talk about his future project, a post-apocalyptic adventure Paradise lost… Recently, the creators of the game presented their alternative version of the history of World War II, which never ended. And now we have published a story trailer.

Paradise Lost is set in Poland in 1980. After more than twenty years of occupying Poland, the Nazis dropped a nuclear bomb on the country, and 12 years later, a boy named Shimon, the only survivor, finds an abandoned underground bunker.

In the new series of posters, the developers have presented three worlds in which the story of Shimon and his virtual companion, the mysterious Eve, who communicates with the boy through switches will unfold.

The world of endless WWII will be just one of the travel settings. Shimon will have to enter the retro-futuristic world, as well as the world of Slavic myths and legends. And all this in order to track down the person from the photograph that his mother kept.

Paradise Lost is out this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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