Three Kingdoms are making a new game based on the “Three Kingdoms” – review addiction

Team Total war: three kingdoms talked about the achievements of the players and announced that she was creating a new project for the “Three Kingdoms”. At the same time, Three Kingdoms itself will no longer receive add-ons or updates.

For starters, the developers reported that in the armies of players around the world, more than 33 million soldiers were killed by trebuchets, over 5 million fighters were killed by Lü Bu, and 8.7 million campaigns were held for Liu Bei.

As for the new game in the world of Three Kingdoms, it will not be linked to the Three Kingdoms. The developers promise to share news in the future, but now they note that they are paying much more attention to the variety of characters and their unique stories.

At the same time, at present, the authors only “outline the contours of the next part.” Meanwhile, Three Kingdoms itself received an update that fixes bugs and errors.

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