One of the developers of God of War dies – he had a hand in the creation of the Leviathan ax in a PlayStation 4 exclusive

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Died George Mole, one of the key developers God of war 2018, who had a hand in creating the combat system in the hit action game. In particular, he worked on game mechanics for the Leviathan ax and Blades of Chaos, as well as fighting techniques, elements of navigation in the game world, role-playing system and many other components.

The tragic news came from his former colleague Mihir Shet of Sony Santa Monica, who noted Mole’s great contribution to the creation of an iconic weapon for Kratos and God of War in general.

In connection with the death of George Mole, his colleagues recall the time working with him and express their condolences on social networks.

“Recently passed away one of the best game developers I have ever worked with and the absolute legend of Santa Monica Studio. His name was George Mole. He was one of the kindest and most sincere guys I knew. He is on the left in the photo. Hilarious as always, “writes Sam Hendrick. “If you liked the gameplay of God of War, know that George put a lot of effort into it: he was the man who created the ax, in charge of almost all of his behavior in the game. But his career lasted for decades. He willingly told everyone about all kinds of projects with love and details. “

God of War creative director Corey Barlog recalls George as being incredibly funny, intelligent, and soulful, calling him one of the fathers of Leviathan.

“My heart is broken. Rest in peace, brother” – wrote Corey Barlog.

George Mole joined the team Santa monica studio in 2013, and in January of this year he left the studio. The cause of death has not been reported.

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