Three gopniks attacked a guy who turned out to be a Russian MMA fighter

A new video appeared on the network, on which it was possible to capture the moment of the attack of three bullies on a guy who unexpectedly turned out to be a Russian MMA fighter.

The video was posted on social networks, as well as on YouTube. According to, it captures the moment when three gopniks attacked the Russian MMA fighter Dmitry Kuznetsov. It is noted that the attack occurred in Moscow. The fight ended without serious injuries, but Dmitry Kuznetsov himself definitely got a couple of abrasions on his face. As you can see in the video, the young man was pulling something out of the trunk of his car when three strangers passed him. You can also notice that one of the hooligans, dressed in a white jacket, just pushes Dmitry, after which the skirmish begins.

After a small verbal skirmish, a stranger in a white jacket pushes the victim again, after which his hands begin to move. Dmitry with one blow puts his abuser on the ground, and the other two immediately attack him, knock him to the ground and begin to beat and kick. It is worth noting that all this time the girl who was standing next to Dmitry watched the fight. She even tried to help the fighter, but one of the hooligans knocked her to the ground. As a result, the battle ended when another person fell into the frame, obviously a passerby, who decided to stand up for the battered guy.

According to, almost all netizens who watched the video completely stood up for Dmitry Kuznetsov. Some were pleased with the fact that the MMA fighter with one blow laid on the ground a bully in a white jacket. However, users also noted that in such situations you need to be calmer and not climb alone for several people. There were those who even considered the video to be a production.