Three billionaire gaming industry

In the IT world, there are many billionaires indirectly related to games. But we have set ourselves the task of finding those who have built their success solely on video games.

Immediately had to weed out executives of Asian companies, such as Tencent, also engaged in mobile services, micro-credit, in the Uber cab style – in short, everyone. Bill Geyts, too, does not count: Thank you, Of course, Microsoft for the Xbox, but the main source of income for the richest person on the planet Earth still was and is Windows and related applications.

As you can see, our selection criteria were very hard, and they can be described briefly as follows: only the game, only hardcore! And so in this life (and business) approach, or that the individual did not live in the attic of his grandmother, and would have the personal status, exceeding $ 1 billion.

It turned out that these people just three. And one of them – almost our compatriot! Well: a citizen of the Union State.

Viktor Kisly, a personal fortune estimated at $ 1 billion

You’ve played in World of Tanks? 80% of you probably answer “yes.” A 100% know the author of this work argues that “tank” it is possible to win without donation.

However, apparently not all think so. How else would be absolutely free WoT made of Wargaming, occupied one room apartment in Minsk, a company with a market capitalization of $ 1.5 billion? At least, these figures appear in the index of Bloomberg Billionaires (the largest news agency in the world, competing with Reuters).

Wargaming – a family business: 64% of shares from Victor Sour, 25% – from his father. Thus, profit is not leaked outside shareholders and third parties: the lion’s share of it remains the creator of World of Tanks.

And revenues from Wargaming very decent: for the full 2015th year revenue of $ 590 million The reason for the success is not difficult to imagine – an international army tank has more than 150 million people and continues to grow.!

Now imagine that nearly every one of them at least once Donati, and not necessarily for the sake of victory, but, for example, to buy the original coloring of your favorite tank. It has WoT, and an impressive percentage of users with premium accounts. In general, believe that if the firm has branded aircraft , so things are going well at it.

Sam Viktor Kisly declares that leads a modest life, and does not give big money to turn a your head. In an interview with “Vedomosti” the creator of World of Tanks confesses his favorite game was always Civilization. Due to the “Civilization” Viktor Kisly once even almost flew out of the uni!

Years go by, and the old passions are not. This can be easily judged from the fact that, under the patronage of Wargaming reboot was released recently, another cult 4X strategy: Master of Orion.

But, of course, “Tanks” are the main engine of success. Following the results of the first 2015 they even entered the global top 5 in terms of revenue, raking in $ 446 million In World of Warcraft, of course, more: the $ 814 million At the same time, Bobby Kotick, oddly enough,..

Not a billionaire – even respected business publication Forbes surprised. Perhaps Mr. Kotick simply forgot to buy a 64% stake ActivisionBlizzard, yet it was cheap.

The absolute leader in the top five – League of Legends: $ 1,63 billion in just one year! But LoL – is Tencent, and Tencent in addition to the game has been all in a row, so that at this point in subtlety will not go. Mr. Pony Ma is not relevant yet.

Virtual “Tanks” now allow Victor Sour play is not children’s toys. Together with major investors like Wilbur Ross and Victor Vekselberg, head of Wargaming has taken part in the recapitalization of the two largest Cypriot banks after 2012, the year of the financial crisis. Now Tank company controls 17% Hellenic Bank Pcl.

Markus “Notch” Persson, a personal fortune estimated at $ 1.5 billion

Swedish genius introvert fabulously rich on a single game and, unlike mentioned contact a citizen of Belarus, he did not even have to look for a new use of their talents.

Minecraft has become a kind of phenomenon, even the symbol of the era. Tens of millions of children (and overage) children lost in their PC, smart phones and consoles on hundreds or even thousands of hours. While the rest of igrostroy sought to photo-realistic graphics, indie developer loner able to prove that forgetfulness can be found in bright primitivism and cubism – without there 4K and HDR.

As often happens in these stories, a revolutionary with giblets bought the establishment. And yes some establishment – the demonized in the history of IT.

As you know, the Microsoft bought a small Swedish studio Mojang for $ 2.5 billion. Markus Persson owned 70% stake in the developer of Minecraft, so as a result of the deal he personally received $ 1.75 billion. The truth does not disclose the percentage of cache / Microsoft stock. But shares of Gates – a valuable asset. Since then, they could sell at a good profit.

In fact, everything and went to the deal of the century. Minecraft was originally distributed on the free model, and only the most compassionate creator Donato.

This commercial success came only after Mojang of 2012, when the company began to cooperate with Microsoft. There quickly spotted the potential of the primitive cubism, and after the port Minecraft on Xbox 360 sales exploded.

However, the friends claimed Persson: nature Notch – an indie developer, and he could not be reconstructed. As the popularity of Minecraft Mr Persson lost any sleep,

I could not do anything to outsiders, and what to do with himself Minecraft – to understand, once again, could not. Well, I decided to sell it out of harm’s way. Benefit, Microsoft offered a lot of money.

Remember how we talked about how Viktor Kisly trying to lead a modest lifestyle, despite its one billion? Like it or not in reality, we find out very very jaundiced paparazzi. We can only say that Mr Persson, unlike Mr sour, not even trying to create the illusion of modesty.

Having received a considerable sum, Notch almost immediately left his Sweden, and went to the United States to the west coast, directly in the sunny Los Angeles. There Notch got involved in the auction, and bought during his mansion in Beverly Hills for $ 70 million.

The auction was also attended by Beyonce and Jay-Z, but the cubes were more seductive fifth point and boiling repchika. Real estate agency John Aaroe Group cheerfully reported: Notch has set a historical record for the price of a house in Beverly Hills.

The deal includes not only complete the luxury furnishings, but also several boxes of Dom Perignon – the most expensive champagne in the world. Apparently, in order to Persson himself did not have to run to the nearest store to buy strong drinks for the housewarming.

Where in addition to the modest Swede and friends from Blizzard called Respawn, for example, the Hollywood star Selena Gomez.

Geyb Nyuell, a personal fortune estimated at $ 4.1 billion

No, well, where do without it – great and powerful chairman of the House of PC boyars? While most of the public to a heightened sense of justice criticizing the murky business around weapon skins CS: GO, Gabe and mustache (and beard) does not blow. His condition has already exceeded $ 4 billion,

Mr. Newell takes 134 th place in the ranking of Forbes 400: in this position you can hit and justice activists to suffer, is not it?

Geyb Nyuell has crossed the Rubicon billion (usually the metaphor used in a negative way, but oh well) in 2012, the year. According to the results of 2011,

Valve showed brilliant financial results and a personal fortune of Mr. Newell immediately teleport from the region of hundreds of millions to around $ 1.5 billion. All of the youth and maturity Geyb Nyuell honestly worked on the Microsoft. But then he sold options on Microsoft’s stock, due to him according to seniority, and went into the unknown.

As history has shown, this “unknown” became Valve, in which Mr. Newell holds more than 50% of the securities, ie a controlling stake. It’s no secret that at the beginning of Valve was known as a developer of cult games.

Left for Dead, Half-Life, Portal – yes there will whether any wild barbarian, not a game in which any of this? Syschetsya whether at least one a heretic, daring to say that these iconic franchises – sucks !? Hardly. Even Portal, sometimes requiring dulled too much, very good in the endless shooters brain, if you play it with knowledgeable people.

But all this is, unfortunately, in the distant past. Now Geyb Nyuell all as specializing in video games, but now he prefers to sell, not to create them. For the full 2015th year sales of the Steam exceeded $ 3.5 billion

And really -. Why at such astronomical figures to take some creativity there meal !? A couple of years ago, Valve through third sources tried timidly teasers literally 2 screenshots that might indicate the development of a new Source engine, and – lo and behold! – Left for Dead 3.

But since then – nothing. Silence, silence. Here you can easily feel the classic mix of corporate greed and fear: Portal 3 and Half-Life 3 may be sorely disappointed fans were tired of waiting, but a new batch of skins for CS: GO audience eats like a lamb.

By the way, the annual turnover of weapons colorings according to various estimates ranging from $ 2.3 to $ 4 billion, and one only the gods know what percentage of this is Valve and Geyb Nyuell himself.

However, suffice to escalate the negative. Mr. Newell wish better health and longevity – a great human thanks him for Steam. That autumn sale coming. Lord, shaved cards, to the glory of the Great Gabin!