“This Will Be a Tectonic Shift”: Gabe Newell Predicts New Singles Boom with Advanced AI

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Despite the fact that in recent years various multiplayer projects have flooded the market, the chapter Valve Gabe Newell believes in the imminent return of singles. And new developments in the field of creating artificial intelligence (AI) will help this.

As the developer explained, at a certain point in time it was easier to connect people over the Network than to develop an adequate AI. But now the gaming industry is once again approaching a turning point. OpenAI-based bots now play 99% Dota better than all the players in the world.

This is still a pretty weak challenge for AI, as smashing people is easier than entertaining them. But the head of Valve predicts that in the next few years, an AI will appear that can do the same as an intelligent person. It will take about a billion dollars to create a prototype, but then the technology will become cheaper, allowing tens or hundreds of virtual people to fit into a computer.

Newell describes it this way: imagine a single-player game that never ends and that you can play 20 hours a week, getting as much pleasure as from the first 20 hours of passage. At the same time, the project is gradually growing and is only getting better.

“This will be a tectonic shift in the industry. AI is becoming much more useful, which is shifting the balance between multi-player and single-player games,” he explained.

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