There is no harm without the Ukrainian game designer: After the scandal with Control, the sales of Podshibyakin’s books soared to the skies

Scandal around a Finnish studio employee Remedy entertainment turned out to be an excellent trading engine. This was told in social networks by a journalist and writer. Andrey Podshibyakin.

Recall senior game designer of the game Control Sergey Mokhov criticized Podshibyakin’s book, “Time for Games!” Remedy Entertainment employee I didn’t like that in the description next to the words “Russian” and “domestic” there are such games as World of tanks and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., created in Belarus and Ukraine, respectively. The developer published his message with complaints about the population of Russia in Ukrainian.

Mokhov answered the chief editor of the publication Denis Sidelyak (lives in the Lviv region of Ukraine), who noted that questions should be asked to the author of the book. He also reminded the developer that he is a representative of a Finnish company that produces its games in the Russian Federation.

As a result, the game designer could not stand it and blacklisted Sides. Remedy representatives have not yet responded to the incident.

The situation is ironic in the end commented Andrei Podshibyakin himself. According to the writer, because of the scandal, sales of his books jumped several times.

“Let’s agree that in a month someone else will be publicly offended by the book, okay? It has been bought in the last couple of days as much as in the first month of sales,” he wrote on Twitter.

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