“There is a huge stain on CD Projekt’s reputation”: Analysts believe that in the future the company could be absorbed by a large publisher

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Analytical company DFC Intelligence featured in an extensive publication for investors, in which she tried to explain the reasons for the uneven launch of the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 and analyze the steps that the studio CD Projekt RED could take to avoid the catastrophe completely, or even slightly smooth out the sharpest corners.

Experts noted that the biggest mistake CD Projekt RED poor communication with the audience has become. Analysts believe that if the studio conducted its activities in a more transparent manner, even the release of technically weak console versions “Cyberpunk“would not have caused such a loud resonance in the network.

“The most striking fact is that the fiasco that occurred could have been avoided with the help of simple marketing and established public feedback. Selling console versions drowning in bugs could be done without unnecessary problems, provided that the end customers were aware of what they pay for, “the material says.

Team DFC Intelligence also convinced that Cyberpunk 2077 suffered from the lack of a competent publisher. If a large company with the proper experience was responsible for the release of the project, the situation around the game could have been completely different, the article says.

“From what happened with Cyberpunk 2077, it can be gleaned that the role of the publisher in distribution, marketing and public relations is still very important.”

Moreover, the current state CD Projekt RED analysts call it shaky, admitting the possibility of the studio’s takeover by a major market player in the future… Even despite the fact that the release Cyberpunk 2077 proved to be commercially successful.

“Unfortunately, CD Projekt RED has a huge stain on its reputation. Now this company can be viewed as a potential candidate for a major business takeover. This is a scenario where publishing and marketing work from outside specialists could work a real miracle.”

Recently representatives CD Projekt RED came up with open appeal to the audience… The studio promised not to quit Cyberpunk 2077 and improve it with patches. By the end of the year, the game should also receive a full version for new generation systems. Playstation 5, Xbox series x and Xbox series s

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